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Why can I only seem to run at dusk/night?

Asked by aviona (3255points) May 3rd, 2009

I would like to run in the morning/during the day, but when I wake up (even hours afterward, so I’m not groggy anymore) it seems so unappealing. But, if I wait until, say, at least 6 PM, I’m raring to go! Even at 11 PM (regardless if I went earlier that day or not) it sounds like the best idea ever and I promise myself I’ll go the next day. But, of course, i wake up today and it does not sound like fun. I just have to know that later it’ll happen.

I’m just glad I’ve found this niche of time, I guess you could call it, otherwise I would never go!

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You’re a warewolf.

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You’re probably a night owl. See this question. A minority of people are predisposed to coming alive, so to speak, in the evening. Generally, they are groggier throughout the day.

Conversely, early birds spring to life first thing in the morning and crash at 9 p.m.

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What kevbo said. As for not wanting to go later than early evening, it could just be that that’s late. It’s dark then and it feels like the day is over, like you missed the last bus out of town.

I’m the same way. Afternoons are golden.

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I agree with Ivan..furthermore the blood lust for squirrels is not as great since they are safely in their nests.

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If you live in Texas it would be because it’s too bloody hot to run any other time.

When I lived in Florida the only reason I ran in the early morning was because I had a running partner that I had to meet at our starting point. The fear of being the one who didn’t show got me there every day, even on days when she didn’t show.

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I dont like running during the day either. I feel best after being up for a while and getting my day-things taken care of. Personally, i dont like doing anything physical in front of people (running, lifting, push-ups, etc…) its really hard for me and i kind of get stage fright. so at night or dusk, its less likely for me to feel that way and i can actually enjoy my run.

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@bright_eyes00 I kind of got stage fright, as you call it, when I tried running in the afternoon yesterday. I run in a nearby state park and there were tourists everywhere (it was a Sunday). It effected my entire body—I felt like I weight 6,000 pounds and everything hurt. Shitty run to say the least. So, evening runs it is.

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@aviona I feel your pain. i used to run at midnight on an outdoor track or at the park downtown. i feel better that way. I hate going to the gym because i feel like people notice the way my face turns red and how much i’m sweating or how my shorts ride up sometimes and how my left leg kind of turns out a little more because of a dislocated knee years ago or how i have to run with my back straight or my back will hurt…i overthink it but its something i cant change. YEAH to the shy! :)

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@bright_eyes00 I totally understand what you’re saying, I definitely prefer to run in more…remote places, but that’s not my issue. It’s something to do with my internal clock…

You shouldn’t be shy though! Those are so insignificant. You should try listening to music if you don’t already. It might help get your mind off your knee and red face. :)

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@aviona Yeah i know they are petty but its hard not to be self conscious. maybe you’re just made to run later in the day when your body is more awake and what not. makes sense to me

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