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Have you had any experiences yourself or known people that have dealt with remembering their past lives?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) May 3rd, 2009

what do you think of this story?

I don’t know if I believe it but who knows, right?

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it has happened to me, residual memories or something like it, when you go to places you’ve never been before but you know exactly how to get there and what is inside… it’s creepy :s

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@flameboi oooh, want to tell me more?

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That story is amazing. I’m always a bit skeptical at paranormal reports, but if things happened as told in that article, I find it really convincing.

My dad told me of having a past-life flashback, where he found himself as a civil war soldier in a medic tent. He had a severe leg injury and the medics were calling for laudunum, then he “blacked out”.

I’ve had a couple of weird experiences. I’ve always been overly fascinated by certain events or time periods. I mean, I know a lot of people are fascinated by history, but I feel like I’m drawn to these events/times more than is normal.

The Titanic is one of these things. I would watch in rapt attention any time there was a documentary, wanting to find out as much as I could. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, other than it’s different than your ordinary being fascinated by something. It’s like something in my gut, driving me to be immersed in it, to find out as much as possible. When I saw the movie Titanic and it got to the iceberg part, I had a very visceral reaction. I could not stop watching, even though I was curled up in my seat and shaking uncontrollably. The more I watched, the stronger the reaction got, I had lots of strong emotions roiling inside. I became convinced then that I had been on the Titanic and died. I’ve never experienced anything like it. My friend was concerned because I was shaking and curled up and asked if I wanted to leave the movie. Like I said, I was riveted and couldn’t tear myself away.

Within the next year after that, I had a past-life flashback myself. I had been reading a book on Mary Ingles, a pioneer woman whose homestead had been raided by Native Americans, she and her son were captured and taken back to the tribe’s camp. I was reading the book at work one night when it was slow. I put the book down, got up to get a drink, and all of a sudden, it was like I wasn’t there in the present anymore. I was immersed in a very vivid flashback and couldn’t see anything of the present, it overtook my vision. I was a woman, it was the mid-1800’s, and I was standing in the middle of a farm yard. I can still see the buildings and describe the layout of the place. I looked around me, feeling an overwhelming sense of dread and fear. And just like it struck me, I came back to my body, my vision came back.. I was just left with that awful feeling of dread.

Later, I worked at an occult store and had the pleasure of working with a wonderful woman I am totally convinced had “the gift”—I tested her at first and didn’t give too many details, yet she knew way too much detail about things and people I mentioned. I did a past-life reading with her because the Titanic and farmyard flashbacks had occurred not that far apart, and I was confused about what I’d experienced.

I’ve always felt I’m an old soul, for what it’s worth, she confirmed that I am that indeed, and that both my past-life memories were true. What’s funny is that I had had the feeling that I’d panicked and jumped overboard to save myself, but she said I ended up drowning below decks while trying to help a little girl who had lost her parents. And as for the pioneer memory, she confirmed that I had experienced something very similar to what Mary Ingles had.

So, grain of salt or not, there you go. :)

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very cool, thanks for sharing
that was great to read

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Of course I’m skeptical! This smells too much of things like the “facilitated communication” scandals- I think this was magnified by the “past life communicator” the boy visited after he started obsessing about airplanes.

This thread has some good explanations of the phenomena involved. Here’s another.

And, of course there is $$$$ involved, like a big fat book deal.

And note the kid spent a lot of time at a WWII museum. We all know about the spongelike and obsessive minds of three year olds, and the fantastical stories that they can tell. If he had claimed to be fighting dragons at night in his backyard, I doubt there would be much of a fooferaw over this!

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Humans are great story tellers, and there is no limit to the amount of stuff we can create, and even make ourselves believe. just look at all the different religions we have created throughout history. Just as I cannot trust many the memories I have of my childhood as being exactly as I remember them, I really doubt I could believe that memories of past lives are in any sense reliable or even likely.

Like crisw, I am extremly skeptical of any of this being true. Makes for a nice story though.

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…hello simone, yes i am quite familiar with it…what in particular would you like to know?

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what have been your experiences with it?

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I have a friend who claims such experiences. All I can say is, how could SO MANY people have been Cleopatra..?

It’s interesting in the above story that they ‘racked their brains’ for what they could have been talking about which might have affected their little boy. But didn’t see any significance in having visited an Air Museum…

I don’t know – I don’t believe all this personally, but I am wary of saying that means I’m right. I used to be a very committed, Evangelical Christian, and I’m not now. One of the main things which changed my mind was that I didn’t want to ‘Be Right’. The truth is, we CAN’T know, therefore people have a right to believe what they believe…

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Just some food for thought (something I find interesting to ponder).. child prodigies, such as Mozart, who composed his first piece at age 5.. wouldn’t it be interesting if these skills and affinities were brought over from a past life? I mean, I think of the 5-year-olds I have known and despite the fact that I’ve known some brilliant kids, nothing comes close to Mozart’s composing feat.

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It isn’t finding the page…I really want to see this. Help!

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@MissAnthrope- I had a very similar experience, so I really do understand what you’re saying here. Some things I have a hard time just attributing to coincidence.
There’s one person that has popped into my life about 15 times over the past 25 years, and each time it’s a brief, intense experience that, each time, left me a changed person, and several times, even saved my life. I do not consider this person a friend, or someone I want to spend time with, but after the most recent interaction (again, saved my life), I asked a medium about this. She said that the answer would appear to me when the time was right and a few months later, out of the blue, I had two past-life flashbacks exactly like what you described, but in two different settings, showing me a serious, unresolved issue with this person. I still am not sure what to make of the experience, but I do believe there’s something there.

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