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What is the point of QnA websites when we have Wikki Wikki?

Asked by bobnob (79points) May 3rd, 2009
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To me, this is more of a social site. You ask and answer questions, but with regular use, you get to know the other regular users and can interact with other minds without all the trappings of physical bodies. At that point, the questions become stimulus for conversation.

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Would WW tell us about something special or wonderful that had happened to him (me, you, us) today? What’s WW’s favorite vegan recipe? Does it hunt?

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WW is fine for factual answers (at least in theory).


A) Many of the questions asked here are not seeking facts, or not only seeking facts.
B) Some people don’t know where to look for factual answers, and we can point them in the right direction.

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I have an idea. Try asking this same question on WW, and see what kind of answer you get.

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The famous Hawaiian dance…Wikki Wikki.

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Because you cant answer every question with wiki. Wiki should ALWAYS be used prior to fluther, but once you cant find it there, then you come here to ask.

i love when new users have an issue with fluther and then go off on these questions of the purpose of fluther and how its pointless instead of just reading the damn guidelines.

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I prefer to get factual information mixed with personal opinion/experiences. I find it really annoying when someone posts a link to wiki on my question with little else to offer.

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Look at the home page. See the questions there? Good. Next!

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I think a better question would be “what is the point of Wikki Wikki when we have QnA websites?” for the reasons stated above.

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wikki lacks heart.

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I think there’s enough to go around. I participate on several sites, and I never have even been to ww.

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