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Cinco De Mayo Dessert Ideas?

Asked by miasmom (3490points) May 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I have to make a dessert for friends on Cinco De Mayo, I was thinking churros, but haven’t the slightest idea to go about it. Maybe there are good frozen ones that are easy to make? I’m not set in stone on that idea, so something else that is simple would work also.

They are big on dessert, so switching to chips and dip probably wouldn’t be a big success, so I’m trying to stick with the dessert idea.

Any help would be great!

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Lots of places online have recipes for authentic flan, aka spanish custard. That, a simple caramel sauce,maybe some nice citrus zest and a mint leaf would make a very, VERY impressive and cheap Cinco de mayo dulce por supuesto! (for sure!) Also, if you don’t find an easy recipe and you’re not one who likes to cook, Jello has a powdered flan mix (but personally, I don’t reccomend it because it doesn’t taste very authentic.)

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Flan(!!!!!!!), duh.
If the crowd is of drinking age (or just full of people who like alcohol) you could make margarita popsicles too. So good. =]

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Pumkin empanadas.

Empanadas are a pastry filled with any filling you like. They are shaped somewhat like a bear claw.

If you are really good at making pumpkin pie, you can make the dough for the empanadas, and then fill them with the pumpkin filling.

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I should mention that flan is a spanish dessert, as opposed to a mexican dessert.

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google helped.. but it sounds really good (:
Margarita cake

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You can make sopapillas. They’re so good and you can make a lot of small ones and vary what you serve with them: powdered sugar, sugar and cinnamon, honey. We used to lightly dust them with sugar and cinnamon and then always serve honey on the side.

They’re best when they’re puffy. You bite a tip off while they’re still somewhat hot and pour some honey in the hole and roll it around the inside before you take your next bite. Oh, so good.

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find your nearest panaderia (bakery) and let your wallet do the work. there you should find empanadas, tres leches cake, and many other goodies. try the conchas if you do go to one.

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again, sopapillas are a spanish dessert >.<

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They’re eaten in the southwestern US which primarily where Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. Where they came from originally has little to do with how good they taste. :^>

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@theartfuldodger They may have declared independence, but they did not give up eating the foods that were introduced, any more than Americans quit eating “English” foods after their independence.

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You could get those cinnamon twist thingies from Taco Bell…

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flan and sopapillas!!

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@blastfamy : I love that that statement came from someone calling themselves “blastfamy”. :^>

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I am Mexican. On fourth of July, you don’t eat crumpets and tea, do you? No. You declared your independence from that colonizing country, and so you eat very american things like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Same thing applies.

But americans made cinco de mayo into their own holiday so I really don’t care. I’m done here.

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@theartfuldodger, gotta say that If it were up to me, I wouldn’t celebrate cinco de mayo. It’s not my country, or independence. Don’t blame americans for destroying a Mexican holiday. Blame the oversaturating-immigrant population who watered down a Mexican holiday whilst living in America by bringing a market for all things Mexican to america, only for the american capitalist mindset to capitalize on it. The people to complain to are the mexican immigrants. Not the rest of us.

A public service announcement by blastfamy.

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@miasmom so, do tell – what did you end up doing?

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