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Seeqpod is down, what similar websites are out there?

Asked by hTownDude (178points) May 3rd, 2009

Seeqpod was awesome because I could type in pretty much any artist, no matter how obscure, and be able to stream their music. Their site says it/s “down for maintenance” and rumors are going around that it might be gone for good.

Are there any similar websites where I can just type in an artist and immediately stream entire songs by them? LastFM is too slow for me, I’m talking about a similar format to seeqpod where it’s pretty much like just the “google” of streaming music finding – type it in, get search results, play them. Any suggestions?

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I just tried playlist, that is a good site! thanks for sharing

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@rooeytoo I swear I live on the site. It just got “commercials”, but only the first time you put in a song I think. Still pretty good in my book though.

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