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Have you ever been in a situation where the term "I was young and needed the money" applies?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) May 3rd, 2009
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no, guess i was lucky

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Yes, but unfortunately I don’t have any sexxxxy story to go with it.

During high school and undergrad I often worked over 80 hours a week at the local hospital doing every job possible to pay for college. For at least a few weeks, I worked 98 hours. This often meant working in the ER registering patients and seeing everything that came with it, or sitting with terminally ill, developmentally disabled or psychiatric patients at all hours of the night. I missed out on most summer vacations, road trips, house parties, and just about every fun event or nutso right-of-passage my peer group went through at the time. But I was young, and I needed the money.

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I sold a lot of plasma in college. It’s probably not the kind of answer you’re looking for, but it’s all I got.

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Yes and I got a real job and earned it.

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nope. I am young and in need of money though

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@Facade: Me too. I suspect that in 10 or 20 years my answer to this will be that I took a paying job right away as opposed to waiting for a job in my chosen field (filmmaking).

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Sure. I ran a carwash for a while. And I worked as a mascot for a burrito place. I would get good and stoned, put on my Walkman and do the cancan on a street corner for a few hours a night. This led to some “freelance” dancing mascot work that paid cash for an interesting gallery of mainly homo-erotic paintings.

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I worked on call proofreading for a lawyer who paid me $12. an hr when most jobs were paying less than half of that. I put up with him rubbing his knee against mine and constantly asking to kiss just my cheek.

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Once. I was a prostitute for a very short while. My last “trick” was a wealthy industrialist who saw me as the “hooker with a heart of gold” that I was and after taking me to the Kentucky Derby decided that we should marry, even though George Castanza didn’t want us to.

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Yes and I won’t elaborate.

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@gimmedat you are not allowed to do that. I demand you go in-depth.

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I have a friend that needed my help a long time ago. There was someone that owed my friend some money, about 700 dollars. He was going to pay me to help him extract money from this guy, and he also needed a driver. The person that was in debt to my friend was a very shady character, unorganzied slob that thinks its ok to screw people over(scum if you will). I had met this guy once before and had a bad impression of him from the get-go. We devised a plan to get him on pay day and lure him into the car some how. I had dark reflective tint on my windows and child safety lock doors on the rear doors of my car, we would let him sit in the back seat with the locks on (can’t open from inside) and hit the freeway. The trick was getting him in the car. My friend knew of a particular coke habit this person had aquired, and he was always down to get some when the slightest hint of a party was going to happen. We went to his apartment were three of this guys roommates were playing video games(they were just as worthless as the him, druggies). And my friend was going to talk to him and told him to call his “man” to get something for all of us. We all get in the car, we start driving towards the freeway and my friend pulls a gun out for alittle persuasion. Thats when I got nervous as hell, so I start driving towards the country (in the oppisite direction of the “meet”) because if it gets messy, we will need fresh airway, no cops, and plenty of time to think. The guy is scared shitless, he knows we are going to the country, and he is cornered in a car going 70, and the doors are locked(he doesn’mt know that yet). I was stressed, the conversation was quick, and this guy pulled out a grand to give to my friend, but he only took what was owed and we took him to the spot. And thats when he found out the doors were locked because my friend was chuckling because he had to let him out. We just left his ass at the spot so his coke dealer would have to take him home. I told him to never pull a gun like that because I thought I was going to stroke out when he did. I got 200 hundred dollars for my willingness to be involved and irregular heartbeats. When he pulled that gun, Pulp Fiction and John Travolta appeared in my head. Sorry for the super long thread!

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Thanks dad.

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