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Anyone having trouble losing weight while on hormonal contraception?

Asked by Lorenita (735points) May 3rd, 2009

Hello.. I’ve been on the pill over a year, yasmin to be exact.. and Im having real trouble to lose weight.. it’s like i haven gained any but it takes sooooo much more effort to lose even 2 pounds. before being on the pill i would lose 2 pound in a week by just dieting.. right now its like, impossible.. anyone experiencing this??
I swear i try to diet really hard and cont calories.. and it doesnt work anymore.

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Are you exercising or just dieting? Are you eating 3–5 meals a day (small meals)? Are you under a lot of stress?

After those questions, I have one more for you. Have you bothered to call your doctor? or clinic – wherever you received your prescription. Before asking us, really, you should start from the source where you started – the medical professional that started you on Yasmin.

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Im excercising and dieting, eating 5 small meals a day… Im honestly trying to do everything right and no results.. one doctor said he wanted me to have an ultrasound to check my ovaries.. I never did it..

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@Lorenita – See the doc again, listen to his recommendation. It may be affecting your ability to lose weight. If you are serious, make sure you are not neglecting the rest of your health.

Some women have problems losing weight, while on the pill – others lose weight. I looked Yasmin up, the info it gave, was pretty vague. “Weight changes” was referenced, but that can apply to losing or gaining.

Best to call the doctor. Good luck.

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Just go to the doc. and ask him to change birth control brands. I’m on Loestrin for hormone problems and can easily lose weight. Between doctor appointments, approx. 3 weeks, I lost 7 pounds just by cutting out junk (mainly sweets). I’ve found it best to eat two healthy meals out of the day and then allow myself to eat whatever, within reason, for one. This way you’re not restricting yourself from eating the things you enjoy, thus, you’re less likely to cheat.
You really do need to have your ovaries checked. You could have cysts forming on them which could cause a hormone imbalance. That’s my problem. The cysts somehow make my body partially insulin resistant, so I have to try to eat foods with a low glycemic index.
The condition is called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-You should definitely look it up!

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