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How will/do conjoined twins Abby & Brittany Hensel date, get married, and/or have children?

Asked by nayeight (3353points) May 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

So it’s 2009 now and the conjoined twins from Minnesota Abby & Brittany should be 19. They’re probably in college by now and ready to date and grow into young adults. My question is how? How will they date? Get married? Have kids? They both share 1 set of reproductive organs so if they do have children, whose baby would it be?

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Haha, I know it’s a hard question to answer but does anybody have any input?

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I asked the same questions as you when I watched a documentary on the twins. I have no answer, sorry!

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I am sure in their situation they have come to some sort of agreement. They are old enough to make these decisions and have spent every waking minute together. I am sure it is difficult for them as they can’t live a “normal” life like most of their friends do. Not saying it’s impossible, but a lot more difficult for others to accept them like that.

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It’s so weird to think about but I’d like to know the answer myself now, I guess we have to wait and find out..

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I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for them to have a normal life as we would define normal.

Can you imagine their combined ability to trap a guys arm underneath them while they slept?

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I copied and pasted this from that other question…

The ‘original’ conjoined twins (the Siamese twins) Chang and Eng were married to a pair of sisters. Though they had all their limbs, and their own reproductive organs, it still must have been quite a challenge.

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They would have to marry either a mormon or a muslim so that their husband could have more than one wife. Then its pretty simple after that. But, what if one wants a divorce? Then its kind of like does she get a quarter of everything he owns? and does he still have to pay child support? Also, if they are entering college, do they have to pay twice for tuition, or do they pay once? Do you think they are both taking the same major, or separate majors? You know, a really good job for them would be like telemarketer or phone customer service cause then they could both work at the same time. Man thats just crazy.

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CELIBACY FOR LIFE! At least if I was conjoined I would demand it…can you imagine!?!?!

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