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Copying RTAV files to hardrive for editing?

Asked by JMCSD (243points) May 3rd, 2009

Hi everyone. I have a good ol’ sony handycam, and don’t have the cable or drivers (even though im sure i could find them) to simply plug and play. I’ve got some of the dvds that i recorded but all the disk contains (well… among some other small file) is a DVD_RTAV file folder which i can’t seem to get to work with any programs i currently have. Anyone know of some kind of software which will read this. I use to use Cyberlink Powerdirector but the trial expired. Thanks guys.

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What are the file extensions on the files inside the aforementioned folder?

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They are the three files extensions found within the DVD_RTAV. Last night after poking around for a while i figured out that AVS file converter worked against the .VRO but it put a very annoying message in the middle of the video explaining that it was a non-registered version. Any other software that won’t put an annoying message there?

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try using super. They have it together… and I think it will take everything you have. If not, throw the disk into handbrake. That should do the trick…

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