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What end of the day ritual do you enjoy most?

Asked by FGS (1932points) May 3rd, 2009

Taking my socks off of my feet..sounds weird but I LOVE the feeling of my socks “peeling” from my feet.

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I go out on my balcony and turn on some music and just relax for a few minutes.

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I change clothes first thing, just to get out of work mode.

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I TOTALLY agree with the socks thingy. I have a fear of public toilets (while doing number 2) so when I get home, releasing all the “stress” is great.

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Checking in on my daughter. She looks so sweet and peaceful that I almost forget what she is capable of while awake. :)

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killing one of the drifters i keep in my basement.

after that, probably watching Jeopardy!.

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Removing my shoes and washing my feet before putting on lotion and clean cotton socks

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@hungryhungryhortence same as my drifters! weird.

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@hungryhungryhortence that must have made you popular in high school.

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Rolling a doobie.

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End of the day? After I put my son to bed, I sit back and do internet stuff..usually Fluthering, Facebook..that sort of thing. It relaxes me.

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My daily debrief session is spending time with my dogs and enjoying
a bowl of oatmeal while I surf fluther.

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bowel movements

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@hug_of_war- That’s my favorite morning ritual.

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1) Removal of the bra. Seriously, my girls are screaming to get out of that thing by the end of the day.

2) Changing into a pair of comfy shoes.

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Slaughtering the goat.

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@augustlan I’m with you-I barely get in the house before I’m ripping the bra off!

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1) Take away my tie and carefully put it in my wardrobe with her sisters
2) Unbotton the collar of my shirt.
3) Grab a drink and some ice cubes from my fridge/the hotel minibar.
4) Enjoy. Another day’s almost over.

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Jammies, Jeopardy! and a cup of chamomile.

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Snus. Most definitely the snus.

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I don’t always get to do this, but when the kids are out of school I get to do it more. I get home, change, then go down to the kitchen, to get the little step stool. I take it out back, unlock the shed and get out an implement that has a saw-toothed blade maybe four inches long. I plonk the stool down on the grass, and I go after those suckers! There are five or six kinds of weeds in my lawn, and I go after them one type at a time. I find that focusing on the lawn, searching out particular leaf configurations, and then digging deep and getting all the roots is somehow satisfying and calming. I call it my “weeding meditation.”

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@augustlan yes, that bra wire and tight strap will drive you crazy!

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Can’t say,but it involves my hand

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@Krag clipping your nails?

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@Krag brushing your teeth?

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