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Does engraving an iPod cause damage or malfunctioning down the road?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) May 3rd, 2009

I read somewhere engraving an iPod has caused eventual problems/malfunctioning. I’m actually not all that crazy about having anything engraved on the back, even though it’s free, so if there’s any truth to this I just won’t get it done.

This is for a 4th gen iPod nano. Anyone out there had trouble with theirs and think it might be due to engraving?

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If you are referring to the engraving from Apple, then no. It’s done with a laser before the back is even put on the device, so it can’t hurt any of the electronics. If you are talking about taking it to a trophy shop or something and having it engraved, then yes, it can damage it. Rotary engravers put a lot of pressure on the back which can damage it, and lasers can be focused improperly and damage the device as well. Not when you order it like that from Apple though.

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I have engraved all of my iPods and never had an issue that needed servicing.

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Well, all engraved iPods will eventually stop working.

However, the same goes for all non-engraved iPods.


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Heh, I reminded myself of this.

I do that sometimes.

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@bob_ : If only.

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Nope, but it will reduce the chances of it being kept while stolen and increase the ease of finding it (this happened to me). It will also reduce the chances of you selling it on your own, perhaps someone doesn’t want an iPod with “Billy” written on it.

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If Apple does it you will be fine. I get mine engraved. They use a laser and it barely takes off any of the material. I usually get “Reward if returned xxx-xxx-xxxx” where the x’s are my phone number.

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Nah you should be fine. Just don’t engrave anything embarrassing.

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@ratboy If only what?

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@StellarAirman Ahh yes, I bet they were referring to people who got them done at trophy shops. I definitely was NOT considering that!

Thanks everyone for the advice! I don’t plan on selling this….I keep my electronics until they die, so I’ll probably go with putting my name on the back.

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hey guys, just FYI I ended up going with a non-engraved iPod….b/c they were only $130 at Costco!

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