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What is the name of both the song and the artist?

Asked by Randy (11227points) May 4th, 2009

When I was a bit younger, I remember seeing a music video on MTV that I really enjoyed. It was basically about a gray “man” who was a factory worker but invented some glasses that allowed him to see color in his gray world. I remember they were named Bliss. He begins to market Bliss and realizes that he has become the people that he worked for and that maybe he screwed up. I don’t remember the music, but I do remember it was sorta alternative. It was also done in claymation.

To me it really had a good message and I would love to be able to watch it and hear the music to it.

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THAT’S IT! Thank You so much! I love this video.

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@Randy, No problem! It’s an awesome video, glad I could help. :D

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To anyone that would care, I began doing some research about the video and I found that it was originally a short film called More. It recieved many awards and had the song Elegia by New World Order in the background. Kenna just borrowed the video because it fit with his song well. It really is an amazing work of art in my opinion.

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Very cool @Randy! Thanks for bringing it up. Thanks @exitnirvana for knowing what he was talking about!

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@exitnirvana, that was cool, thanks for providing the link.

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That was a great video!!

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No problem, glad you enjoyed it. :)

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If you remember a small snippet just google for the phrase using double quotes and add the term lyrics. Helps most of the time.

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I’ve watched it three times today…damn that is a great video!!

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Just watched the video for the first time. Loved it but the end was a little sad.

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