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is there a good iPhone rss reader?

Asked by billgrey (1points) December 15th, 2007 from iPhone

I’d love to subscribe to feeds and read them directly on my iPhone. Anyone know about this?

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All my co-workers seem to use Enophi . You can see it in action in this video

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I use Google Reader and love it.

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newsgator integrates with netnewswire on my mac, its amazing!

There are many others listed at launchrz, just type “rss” into the search bar at the top at:

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Google recent revamp of its site for iPhone users makes it a great choice for a reader

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It seems as though Launchrz is DEAD

Google Reader is probably the best considering its functionality.

Another one which SYNCS with Google Reader (though it does not yet allow for total modification) is Byline in the App Store…

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Just released, totally rocking, try Scoop! Handles images awesomely in feeds and is super quick, plus has offline feed viewing and netnewswire syncing. really great for feeds with images, give it a go!

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