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Are you a KGB agent?

Asked by emilia_eclaire (324points) May 4th, 2009

I’m referring of course, to the texting service, and not you know, the other one. I’m taking the training course now and I’m wondering if anyone else is doing/ has done this, and how it worked out for you. Particularly interested to know if you felt the financial compensation was worth the time and effort. Thanks!

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niet on both

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сказать что-либо, и ты умрешь

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Keep taking the course. Please.

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Yes.. it’s a long course and does not pay very well. And, unfortunately, you cannot pick your hours and can only work in “blocks,” effectively defeating the purpose of work-from-home.

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I did have a friend who claimed to be a KGB agent… she knew Russian fluently.
Is the KGB still in existance?

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@Dog My girlfriends Russian from what she says I think there’s no denying there is still a KGB, I mean Putin is ex KGB after all, only it probably operates differently these days…also it’s cooler to assume it does still run underground lol.

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Why would it bother to run underground? The KGB has been replaced by the FSB, Russia’s new and equally corrupt and vicious internal security service, and by the SVR, the successor in both personnel and intent to the KGB’s First Chief Directorate, the division which was responsible for overseas espionage. The GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service, still operates overseas. Provincial Russian police “counterterror” units are known as OMON. All of these services, and indeed all of powerful Russian society, are permeated by former KGB officers. The KGB simply no longer exists in name or structure.

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I am about to enter into training! I’m reeeeeally hoping that I can get started soon, because even an extra couple dollars would help.

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(Tobotron’s russian response was “Say anything, and you will die”)

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I tried it because i figured what the hell, i do it on here for free may as well answer a few stupid questions over there to make a buck or two. Even if its not much, it helps. Well after one day i quit lol. Its kind of stupid honestly. The questions are fucktarded half the time and you have to source EVERYTHING.

Here is an example of one question i had to deal with.

Why do redheads have the smelliest vaginas?
Now not only do i actually have to answer this question as to why hes completely fucktarded without actually calling him that, i also have to give a source for that…..
I mean come on…

Another annoying thing i found is the questions are taken by other agents quite fast so you really have a hard time getting a question youd actually want to answer. I found myself just clicking rapidly on the questions screen until it let me answer one. And it usually turned out to be a horrible question i wouldnt want to answer lol.

@quarkquarkquark thats not true at all about the hours. I guess they changed it, because you can just go onto their website 15 min before you want to work and say you want on and then you can work for as long as you tell it you want on. (in 30min intervals)

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No but i did work for the KGB, although were not called the KGB anymore

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