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Help needed with Grooms speech.

Asked by aarhpigplease (41points) May 4th, 2009

I’m getting married in August and am growing increasingly nervous about my speech. I’m happy to follow the tradition of thanking everybody involved and saying how beautiful the bride is. I suppose i’m hoping to find some inspiration or a novel idea that could make my speech into something more memorable. Any tips on over coming my nerves are also appreciated!.

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Quote Star Wars.

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IMO, The groom’s speech is more about thanking everyone for taking the time to come and take part in your marriage. You will have spoken directly to your bride in your vows. Don’t leave her out, but re-affirm in a lighter tone what you said in your vows. Say how much you are looking forward to many many years with her and about all of the things you will experience together.

As nervous as you may be. This is your one and only chance at your grooms speech, so get it done way ahead of time and practice it as many times as is takes. Confidence in what you are speaking about makes any speech memorable. Do not memorize it, just practice. and “if you are over 21” a little liquid courage never hurt anyone. :)

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The best man speech is the hard one.

Here’s the thing about weddings:
It’s all about the bride.

The groom is essentially just along for the ride. Keep your speech short.
Say the things you’re supposed to:
”.... no one I’d rather spend the rest of my life with… special, special woman for whom I’d do anything… I will do everything to make her happy… ”
and so forth. Be sincere obviously, but don’t go too long and don’t go over the top.

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I agree with @The_Compassionate_Heretic on this one.

To score major points add in a reference to an inside secret that only your bride will get.

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I definitely agree with the postings above but in the part about your wife, I’d be really specific about why her.

I’d say “I knew as soon as ______________ (insert specific moment here i.e. ‘she paid my bail money / looked at me over the keg / told me she really wasn’t a man’ ) that she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My love for her and her _____________ (unfailing compassion / hot rack / mutual love of snacks ) is the reason we’re all here today…...” or something along those lines.

Keep it simple, direct and sincere and you’ll be good. Also, if it’s short and to the point, you won’t feel too nervous about remembering it OR, if you’re caught up in the moment and feeling comfortable, you can ad lib and add more which will come across as even more heartfelt.

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Don’t make jokes at anyone’s expense, especially the bride’s. Not even a little put-down humor. Not any. Be safe. Be sincere.

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Remember it is NOT all about the speech. It has to be about how you look at her, how you smile at her, how you move just a teeny tiny bit closer to her, how maybe even you grab her hands when speaking. Then, you say it as if you’ve been holding in all that love for her since the moment you met. Tell her how you react everytime your with her (i.e. everytime I see you my heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest. I can’t wait to feel that everyday when I wake up and turn to see you, etc etc). Say your very first feelings about her. Take her on a ride to the past, you know, ‘I saw you, and we started talking, and the whole time I just knew—it was you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and it always will be’ You will have no trouble about thinking about something if you just think about HER. Think about the happy times, the exciting times, the new times, the scary times, the funny times, think about her quirks, her personality, what you’re in love with, and put it into that speech. All paper starts out blank. All you have to do is fill that paper with everything you’ve felt with her. Congratulations!

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