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If I am sunburnt. Which is better, lotion with aloe in it, or simply aloe gel?

Asked by yoteddy (37points) May 4th, 2009
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I prefer Aloe jel straight – it seems to last longer.

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Aloe gel for me with or without sunburn.
It has a great feel as it’s drying and try to get 100%organic.

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the lotion with aloe tends to have parabens and other things. stick with strait aloe

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The aloe gel itself will be your best bet. After living in Phoenix, Arizona for 29 years, I’ve lost track of how many sunburns I’ve had. My mother used to have an aloe vera plant growing in her back yard and we would break off part of a stalk and rub the gel right on our skin. It worked exceedingly well.

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Phillip’s Stool Softener will help more than lotion or aloe for relieving the heat and sting. it has a high Milk of Magnesia content. When I had sun poisoning and a burn so severe that when I spoke my cheek was stiff enough to pull my eyelid down half an inch….that’s what the ER Doctor suggested.

I spent five days in debilitating pain, but you slather that stuff on, and you’re golden.

And it isn’t sticky, but it will leave a white powdery residue, which is helpful for keeping anything from catching on your skin and preventing friction, so I suggest it for at night or when you’re at home. Of the two you mentioned, aloe gel doesn’t have the same amount of chemicals as lotion, and I’ve always found with lotion the sting came from there and it left me feeling sticky, which is not something you want when you’re toasty.

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The best thing to do for a sunburn is to get in a bathtub of cool water and get your sunburn good and went. Then sprinkle baking soda on the burn. The heat and pain will INSTANTLY come out of the sunburn. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for a sunburn, and I’ve had some really, really horrible ones.

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I agree with bluefreedom, the Aloe plant is the best. I have an indoor aloe plant, They are extremely easy to grow, requiring very little watering/attention. If you’re plant is well watered though, there will be way more gel in the plants stalks.

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gel is probably more soothing

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I’m pretty fair skinned so when I go to the beach/pool I make sure to throw a bottle of the aloe gel in the fridge for later (I slather on the sunscreen but my Irish genes are somewhat immune to its effects). Cold aloe gel is amaaaaaaazzzing for relieving sunburn.

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