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Why are there so few 4x games beeing developed?

Asked by gciochina (107points) May 4th, 2009

Okay, my question is why do we see 4x games (like homeworld, ORB, Nexus-Jupiter Incident, Sins of a solar empire, etc) so rarely? Why is everyone concentrating on developing shooters/mmorpgs? Is this type of game (4x) more expensive? or what ?

BTW: any ideea on when homeworld 3 is coming out?

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i think it is because the potential clientele is not big enough. 4x games consume relatively much time to play, and many players don’t like that. a pity.

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Just like any other industry, game makers want to ship out products that will sell. The focus on certain game types is a direct result of this. This is the same cause for a franchise having 100 sequels and spin offs.* Sneeze * Mario Excuse me.

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Looking at the three major companies, Nintendo has been focusing more on party/novelty games like Wii Music, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, etc…A horrible trend since they can make so many interesting games with the Wii controls yet focus mainly on said games due to the money they bring in.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is geared more towards the first person or third person shooters (And at times, adventures) due to the success they received back on the Xbox. Halo would be a prime example here.

Sony I find the most diverse of the three. Despite the money it cost they seem to keep a even playing field of gaming genres.

Thankfully for you, other trends that seem to be occurring is downloadable content. You probably can always look at the Xbox Marketplace and Playstation Store for old 4x games.

As for Homeworld 3, I’d look at the PC or PS3 shelves before the others.

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They don’t sell.

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