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Anyone know where I can get a knob for my stovetop expresso pot?

Asked by helloimcat (92points) May 4th, 2009

My RD gave me a great moka express pot back in august, but there wasn’t a knob on the top to open the pot. I’ve gotten by for the most part, but I started looking for a replacement and can’t find one. The only place that sells it is the original Bialetti store, but they’re all sold out. Any ideas?

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Have you tried the manufacturer? (Or is that Bialetti?)
For a makeshift solution, how about using a cabinet knob and a nut underneath to hold it on?

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yeah, bialetti is the manufacturer. I wouldn’t mind using a cabinet knob at all actually. Do you think it will matter what kind of material I use? I would hate for it to ruin the pot.

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Okay, I looked up your pot and see it’s made of aluminum.


Aluminum is typically a reactive metal in the galvanic series. This means that in many cases, when it is in contact with other metals, aluminum will act as the anode and may begin to corrode.

The Aluminum Association approves stainless steel as well as HDG fasteners for use with aluminum structures. (Further searching indicates that ‘HDG’ stands for Hot Dip Galvanized, which means zinc coated steel.)


One other thought… have you called Bialetti to ask them about it directly? I once needed a small plastic replacement part for my SimpleHuman trashcan, and couldn’t find it on the website. When I called, they mailed me two of them for free!

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