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Which sounds shorter: one month or four weeks? Why is that?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8273points) May 4th, 2009

To me, these roughly exact same lengths of time seem to carry different connotations of how long the period of time will be, if that makes any sense. Which of the two sounds shorter to you? Why is that?

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4 weeks. & days in a week times 4 equals 28. All months have at least that many days some 30 others 31. 4 weeks is normally shorter.

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@justwannaknow: That’s why I said roughly. I know how long months are, I was just wondering more if what people chose to say effects how long they perceive the time to be.

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4 weeks sounds shorter, even though they are the same.

When someone tells me they will have the job done in a month, I can’t help thinking that they are lazy or slow-paced.

If someone tells me they will have the job done in four weeks, it sounds like they are efficient and on top of their game.

I think it has to do with a week being the shorter unit of time.

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I think one month sounds shorter. You’re saying ‘one’ month as opposed to ‘four’ weeks. It’s just a mental thing.

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Four weeks, to me. I think it’s because I can count them down… whereas if someone says “one month til you get to have sex again,” then I just go into a coma until it happens.

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I think four weeks sounds shorter, and 30 days sounds even shorter, even tho it isn’t.

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Four weeks is always shorter than a month, except in a non-leap-year February, which is exactly 4 weeks long. They are “about” the same, but a year of twelve 4-week months would be only 336 days long.

My perception of “four weeks” is a precise length of time, namely, 28 days. My perception of “a month” is approximate, because it is about 30 days, or from the same date in one month to the same date in the next, or about 4.3 weeks, or one of several other variable possibilities.

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I think that “a whole month” sounds longer that “It’s been four weeks now” and a month is longer.

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Even a lunar month (29 1/2 days) is more than four weeks. I’ve always thought four weeks sounded shorter, and it is.

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Does “one year” sound shorter or longer than “six months”? Does “one day” sound shorter or longer than “ten hours”?

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They seem the same to me.

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It’s sort of like ‘buy one for a quarter, or really save and get four for a dollar!”

Sales pitches rely on things like that to get your money. I know, I’ve worked sales, and its all about the numbers.

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This reminds me of how pregnancy is actually longer than 9 months, but people refer to it as 9 months. It’s actually 40 weeks..which is longer than 9 months. The months sound longer though.

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I think I agree with @jbfletcherfan. If you hear someone say, “You will receive it in 4 to 6 weeks” it makes you groan more than “You should get it in about a month and a half”...

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4 weeks sounds shorter. Because 4 weeks times 12 months is only 48 weeks, not 52.

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