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How does the "halo effect" affect you?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) May 4th, 2009

Have you ever been helped or hurt by the halo effect? Have you ever discriminated against a better person because you know the other person? What happened?

Have you been the beneficiary of it? Do you find that once you have a good reputation, it is easier for you to get what you want, even if competing with someone who is just as good, but doesn’t have a reputation?

Do you value reputation so much that you would rather work with someone you know, even if you don’t really like their work, than to take a risk on someone you don’t know, but who looks really good?

Do you think the halo effect is a good thing? Is it reasonable? Or is it a prejudice that hurts some good people simply because they are not known?

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@squirbel the serious answer is supposed to come FIRST, then joke answers are allowed, you have it kind of backwards.

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I’ve never heard of this
interesting concept

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I’ve not been hurt or discriminated against by my good reputation (that I know of) and it has helped in the past to discourage people with false intent from bothering much with me.

Good reputation has helped get what I want in business, definitely and I’ve been confident enough in myself to work with whomever I see talent in, regardless if they’re proven or not. Some came through and some didn’t and that’s normal to me.

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@MrMontpetit: Thanks for the correction. You are correct. I plead for forgiveness.

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Halo effects my life negatively cause I play it all the time… oh that thing your talking about? no.

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On objective questions, where a person’s experience and expertise weigh more than an opinion, there were times when I felt that newer jellies were not given due lurve even when their answer was a good one from their experience… and older jellies were given lurve simply because they said something, even if the answer was simply snarky.

I believe the halo effect has a negative effect in that situation.

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My reputation is important to me, and having a good one has helped me in the business world many times. Promotions, recommendations, awards, etc have come about due to it. I wouldn’t hire someone just because I personally know them. If all other factors are equal though, the person I know would definitely have an edge on the unknown person.

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