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Would you feel degraded if you were on a sitcom with a laugh track verses a live audience?

Asked by xgunther (449points) December 15th, 2007 from iPhone

They can make anything seem funny by playing pre recorded laughs to lame jokes!

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no I would be happy to be making good money on a sitcom

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I feel degraded watching sitcoms with laugh tracks.

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I just feel degraded period. Cue Laugh Track

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I wouldn’t feel degraded, but involved and happy for the moment. Laughter is infectious.

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I smoked some pot once, and thought about how funny it would be if there was a live studio audience on my life. And then it stopped being funny… and got very scary. I pretty much stopped smoking after that.

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I just feel like its put in to tell us when something is funny. I know, personally, that I almost never laugh during sitcoms. But in shows like drawn together, family guy, etc…I laugh hysterically.

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