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My compute won't play my dvd?

Asked by jamm (1points) May 5th, 2009

windows media player shuts down with a bunch of lines after the movie starts and the whole thing freezes. Why?

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You may have a virus, or it could just be acting silly.
Have you tried using a different player, like VLC?

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WMP is always crapping out with me i hate it use VLC or 123 classic player .
WMP started acting up when i got the updates from microsoft i reverted back to WMP 10 or maybe 9 and stopped WMP finding updates and started to use VLC

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Did you install the latest version of Windows Media Player?
Trying VLC player is a good idea.

Also, check if the movie format on your DVD is fine, and make sure the DVD is of good quality.

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Is your DVD player still working? that may be the problem.

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