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What do you think of this layout for a online learning system?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) May 5th, 2009

Hello Flutherites!

I made a new layout for my online learning system, but I am a bit in doubt about it. I don’t know if it’s a good layout for a learning system, but I also don’t know (and don’t know how to) design a good one for the purpose.

If some could rate my layout, and give some pros and cons, I would be delighted.

The link is and please also look at the login page.

Thanks in advance!

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Text that spans almost the entire screen width is less easy to read – I’d leave some whitespace on both edges. As for the login page (your link was wrong), you might want to draw the eye to the login form first. Western/Dutch people read a page from left to right and from top to bottom, in addition to animations demanding your attention in the first place. Thus, it takes a while to find the login form. Furthermore, the OLE box stands out from the rest of the page (different colour/shape, large letters), while you want the form to stand out, so perhaps you can move the form into that box and put it in the center. You can then move the “terug naar hoofdsite”-link below that and make it look less crammed.

Also, be sure to check up on the d/t-rules in Dutch ;-)

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Oh, thanks for the link, I forgot to add /login. (can’t change it anymore, ah well…)

As for the main-site: you mean a small margin left/right? As for the login-page, I don’t quite understand: you mean put the logo outside the box (making it white like on the main-site) and than only put the form inside the box? That could work.. :)

But overall, how do you think about it as using it for an online learning system?

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I changed the login-page. Hope it’s what you meant. I kinda like it fits better with the rest of the site.

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For an online learning system, the object is to learn. Take away all distractions like your animation. I know it is neat that you can do that, but save stuff like that for your portfolio site. An online learning system should present the content as cleanly and easily and quickly as possible, it should be easy to read, and easy to navigate.

Think more than

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Very good work, klaas. You have chosen good font sizes and a good color scheme – the white really pops against that particular blue.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but where is the meat of this site? Where is the framework? Is it secretly hidden behind a link you have not posted?

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@all I’ve made a new draft: What do you think of that? A bit more proffesional I think.

@squirbel: Thank you. =) Yes, you have to login to see the framework. It’s a closed system: it’s for my uncle, who gives music-lessons. He can add students and assign lessons to them and set homework for them which they can view online.

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The new draft is very much an improvement – very clear to read, looks clean and non-distracting, and doesn’t span an entire page’s width (though I would test it on a wide-screen if I had one).

Regarding the login screen, I mean putting the form inside the box and moving the box up. I don’t agree that you can’t do an animation there as you don’t need to focus for long periods of time on something (it’s just a login form, after all). However, I do think you should take page load time and browser/plugin-compatibility into account.

Oh, and the OLE-logo in the top right-hand corner of the new version can use some padding underneath.

With that I think it’s pretty wel-suited for a learning system.

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I’m fine-tuning the whole new thing right now. I’ll inform you when it’s done. =)

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@Vincentt new login, press home or info to see the rest

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Thanks all for the replies. This is the definitive layout.

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Much better :). I also like the touch with the glowing lightbulb on the homepage ;-)

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Thanks, the homepage looks more professional too. =)

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