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Do you follow questions you don't comment on?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) May 5th, 2009

I often folow questions that interest me but that I can’t really add anything to, do you?

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Yup. Same thing.

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Occasionally, more now than I did when I first started. Sometimes, it’s something I would like to add to but am running out the door and can’t, so I follow as a bookmark and reminder, generally I end up just watching those threads as the discussion gets so involved by the time I get around to it that I’d rather read.

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Yes. But only for a day or three. I might not have time to answer properly so I put it off. By the time I get to it, either everything that needs to be said has been, or the conversation has become an endless “Do Loop” so I hit the Delete.
Sometimes it’s fun to just read comments from certain people for the entertainment value.

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I generally don’t. Not sure why, because I find a lot of questions interesting even if I don’t have anything to add.

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Yes I have many days when I just want to read and not participate.

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Sometimes. Depends on the question – but it’s usually a comment someone made, that piqued my interest.

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Yes, sometimes. Maybe questions related to a world event, just to inform me

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Like others, sometimes. I find some questions and answers very interesting, but don’t have anything to add.

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(How do I bookmark a question that I want to revisit, on Mac Leopard?)

I too skip a lot, due to repetition, topics that I left behind long ago, philosophical debates that the philosophers did better, and anything relating to alcohol, drugs, poop, and “awesomeness.” I also check out some avatars to see whether I can predict the answer before I read the text. Occasionally, I will try to guess the jokes, humor, or rebuttals.

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:) do you have me figured out gail? I may just have to change!

I am an auto-didact. I will follow questions that answer something I don’t know, for instance anything related to woodworking. But I have a very strong preference for objective questions, as opposed to subjective ones. I often stop following subjective questions after I’ve written an answer.

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Not anymore. I’ve also given up on keeping my Activity for You down to low numbers. I simply don’t have the time nor inclination to care about it.

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@gailcalled: I assume you’re using Safari, if you are then this might help. :)

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All the time. There are questions of interest to me that I have no scope to participate in so I read up on those that might. Other questions might be sensitive and very personal to where I’m uncomfortable to share but still interested in others perspective.

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Yes, all the time. (I was trying to be humorous and not answer this one, but how would you know?) I often read the posts in very contentious questions without commenting, but also as @hungryhungryhortence subjects that are more private than I want to comment on or subjects that I don’t know about but want to learn more on.

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@asmonet: Oh, that? I use it all the time but thought maybe there was a way to flag a question, the way I can my email.

So I start a folder called “fluther” and throw the bookmarked questions into it?

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Very rarely do I follow a question I haven’t weighed in on. Part of the problem is that I already have too many questions I’m following anyway. The other thing is that there probably aren’t all that many issues that I don’t have an opinion on.

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I follow some that I might want to answer later (read: after I’m done w/ mod duties) and others that I am not qualified to answer, but want to know more about… particularly computer questions that may be of help to me.

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I follow questions that I will refer to again in the future. For example, the reading list question. I didn’t weigh in on the discussion, but I’m happily working my way through the list.

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