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Are you going to test the RC version of Windows 7?

Asked by squirbel (4277points) May 5th, 2009

I’m semi-excited to test it. I like new things, especially OSs. Even though Mac is my choice system, I still respect Linux distros and I give every Windows iteration a chance.

I will be downloading RC through p2p, since Microsoft has acknowledged they are allowing the release to be free for a year.

I will be getting my key directly from Microsoft, at this link:

Join me, and share any feelings you have about this release!

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With a name like Seven it’s gotta be a winner.

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I will later today. But I will run it in a VM on my iMac. I’m waiting for a new external hard drive to show up today. I’m running low on space.

I ran the last beta from a external firewire drive and liked it. The new drive is USB only so I’m not really sure what to expect running it off of that. Maybe I can delete enough stuff to install it on the internal drive. But I don’t really care that much.

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I’m planning to install it on my x64 pc. Let me know how the VM performs!

BTW, for the record, and future commentary I may make, my PC has x64 architecture, 1.8GHz, 4GB RAM.

@seven I agree!

The microsoft direct download surprisingly is faster than p2p. I’m at 19% after 15 minutes with direct, and 1% with p2p. It’s just one seeder, that’s why. This thing just dropped.

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I might, if they’re making it free. There’s really not much I use Windows for, though, so I hope Solitaire still works.

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No because the appalling’ness of Vista moved me to Ubuntu and Mint Linux and I don’t know why I didn’t earlier cause its so much easier and simpler and the software is free woop woop…Windows is only of real use for games and Office 2007.

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You don’t use Open Office? Office is useless and expensive.

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@squirbel I use Open Office all the time, the only reason I touch Office 2007 is for work when I’m being sent files with wacky templates or if I’m sending someone collaborative work where I know they will have odd formatting issues, and even then Office 07 runs in a virtual XP…besides I didn’t pay for Office 07 lol

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such a rebel eh lol…I would say that netbook market has taken off recently esp in the EU and Linux has a market share here of 30% despite that MS still bullies for XP…netbooks are where Windows 7 is gonna have to succeed on or Linux is gonna totally steal the show which it’s doing now to an extent which has gotta be good news.

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This isn’t a discussion about what platform is best – merely a feedback for the RC version of Windows 7 :(

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sorry, so nope I won’t be…

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It’s all good – I finished downloading it a while ago, entire process took an hour and 15 minutes.

I think you should try it!


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I’ve been dual booted between Vista x64 and Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) for a while. I“m wiping the beta partition and installing the RC1 there.

Vista ran great on my PC, but Windows 7 runs even greater! 6gb RAM, 3.6ghz Dual Core, HD4870 graphics, etc.

If MS offers Vista users any sort of discount on Windows 7 when it is released, I will definitely buy it.

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the cool thing about this RC is that you can use it until June of 2010. after that it shuts down every 2 hrs.

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@eambos: What are some of the features you like about Windows 7? I hate reading insider tips and articles before the product is released, so I’m a Windows 7 nub.

@ccatron: yeah, I don’t mind that, if it is good, I will buy it.

I must admit, I’ve been the biggest Microsoft basher for the past 13 years. But I am not blind, and I must give kudos where it’s due – this plan to release it for free to the general populace is awesome.

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running it in VMWare already, the x64 version. Works nicely.

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I have it installed. I think I like it. I love how they have given us control over what messages we see. [No more nagging!]

I also love the stickies app, I use the heck of out my mac stickies.

The interface is very snappy and quick.

I did the Windows Experience Index; my computer rated 5.7. Meh.

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It’s 2:00pm right now, yet my system clock is 2 hours behind. I have it set to automatically update, and the time zone is correct [central US]. wtf? How can you mess the time up, Microsoft?

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I installed Windows 7 RC yesterday as a dual boot option to my Win XP x64. It is seriously faster than Win XP already, feels really snappy. Especially running Lightroom 2.3 64-bit inside Windows 7 is blazing fast! Just like it should be. Windows XP is just bad architecture for high end hardware. Trouble is that some of my devices don’t install properly… (Logitech Quickcam Pro5000)

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