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Why do you answer the questions so quickly?

Asked by berlin (14points) May 5th, 2009

I was really surprised to see my first question so quickly and informatively answered. How can this be? I mean, are you literally waiting for questions the whole time? And if I may ask, what is your motivation to do answer people’s questions so quickly and informatively?

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Who doesn’t like instant gratification? When people are on Fluther, they refresh the main page often and if they see your Q and know the answer, then they pounce on it. That’s kind of the point…

As for motivation, we are a community. We like our questions to be answered and get help when we need it and we like to do the same for others. Just because I am answering your Q right now doesn’t mean someone who logs on in the evening and sees it won’t answer it. All it means is I am logged on now, and they are logged on then.

Psst. Now it’s your turn. Go answer some questions that you feel you are knowledgeable about!

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So you can have the best answer the quickest

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(We also notify users when questions might interest them).

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I pop onto the site from time to time throughout my day. It’s a side effect of spending most of my time online. I also type fast, which helps a lot. As for my motivation for answering a question, that’s a big mix of reasons, one of which is that I enjoy reaffirming/refining my knowledge by conveying it to others.

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I don’t know about you, but I perch on the back of my chair, eyes locked on the screen, waiting to pounce on the next question I can! I mean, why not? Doesn’t everyone do that? Last I heard, the rumor of life outside fluther was proven to be a malicious virus, fostered by the Women’s Anti-Flutheration League (wafl).

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I like to be one of the first people to answer a question.

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Meh! Just clever I guess.

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stay a little longer…. you’ll get it. it’s an addiction

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If I see something interests me, I jump on it. Why wait?

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The sooner you post what you have to say, the less posts you’ll have to plough throught to be sure it hasn’t been said already. :P
So what if I’m lazy?

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I love waffles :d

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@squirbel Blasphemy! Everyone knows pancakes are better. :)

Whatever the reason, aren’t you glad?

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We are all just so damn competitive, that’s all.

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I love pancakes. :D

I have seen the light!

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I check out the new questions a couple times a day. If I see a question that I can answer, I do.

I suspect that there are 30+ people doing something similar, and random chance means that there’s usually someone looking at the site when someone else posts a new question.

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chuckle…“what’s your motivation?”

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I just like beating all the other jellies to the punch. Admittedly I was a little late on this one though.

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@AstroChuck Is that a dick punch?

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I couldn’t dick punch you if I wanted. Of course I could never hurt my Auggie Doggie anyway.

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We’re here for you, berlin. We all have a natural desire to ask, answer, and assist others in the most expedient way possible. It’s a Fluther tradition. Some are just quicker than others which explains why two dozen other people answered this question before me. I’m pacing myself.

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Some questions I guess I pounce on, others, I wait to answer. Some questions irritate me just enough for me to answer them, immediately. Some, I really know the answer to the question – it’s right there, I may be able to help the asker.

The questions that I wait on, I’m having to think about the answer or if I see a lot of opposing views (I answered one where I was really in the minority of the opinions) I want to really think about what I am saying, before I comment.

Some, I answer fast, then delete. Either the questioner was too full of themselves or I found the question to be so ridiculous, that I typed a snarky response, then deleted it…quickly.

It really just depends on the question.

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I answer questions as they come because I’m excited and willing to share whatever knowledge or insight I can. Questions are also posted rapidly, and it seems silly to answer a question long after it’s been answered, discussed, and pretty much died.

I’m also in the process of starting a job at a texting service that answers questions that are submitted in a matter of minutes. People want information fast!

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look, I waited 21 hours to answer your question!
Would you like to wait hours to get a response? I like getting responses quickly. People are on all all different times throughout the day, so they answer as they go.

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Because it’s fuuuun. I don’t want to do anything else but answer questions!

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Yeah, I like answering questions too! It makes me feel useful and smart. Fluther has entertained my life like I never knew it could be. Cool is an understatement in this scenario.

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