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I've seen a lot of new people lately, how did you find about fluther?

Asked by flameboi (7519points) May 5th, 2009

For a time, it was the same people every day and we loved it, now there is more people in the neighborhood, is that because we were featured somewhere? How did you find fluther???

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Another user introduced me to it.

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I was on Askville. A lot of my friends were either suspended or banned & they came over here. I was invited to come along, so I did. Now I’m off of AV because I like it better here.

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I googled people who don’t like their food touching. And then I found MY PEOPLE and was hooked ever since!

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I was invited by a guy who knows a guy.

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@bob_ What’s the password?

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@3or4monsters I ain’t sayin’ nothin’.

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A family member died and left me their fluther user-id and password to me in their will.

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A nasty thread on metatalk. My first question was about porn.

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stumbled upon a question in fluther.

@flameboi i actually note there seems to be a devoted core here and have wondered if flutherites are clustered into small communities (i.e., that parallel fluther-verses exist).

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I came here cause of mattbrowne. I became a member of and a week later it turned over and died. But matt had a Q. just before it went, concerning coming over to fluther instead and I suspect he brought a bunch.

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I can’t believe this. No body cares about my dead relative. Man I was heart broken. Their last dying wish for me to ask you guys questions. Sniff. sniff.

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@spresto I’m hearing TAPS in the background…

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Alright fine! I found the site when looking for Web 2.0 savvy sites.

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@spresto That’s better. haha.

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@jbfletcherfan Way to kill the fun : P : D

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i googled a question and i was redirected to FLUTHER for the answer. and i too have been hooked ever since. :)

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@spresto Hey, I’m no fun killer. YOU’RE the one who gave in & killed the fun! I was just mad that I wasn’t in that will!!!

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@jbfletcherfan LMAO!!!!!!! Trust me he wasn’t that great of a relative. I was also left a few broken dishes and his pet iguana named Samson. The joke is the damn thing is stuffed.

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From another user

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@spresto Well, the joke’s also on HIM! He’s stuffed, too! ’-}

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In my speech class, we all had to choose a website to learn about and become the expert on, so I went to or net or something like that, and it had all these web applications. I found this one, and it was perfect. Even though the project is still going on, I love this website and continue to use it!

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I did a Google search on the topic of heavy-footed people, because I have a stompy housemate. There was a question here asking about how to tell someone they walk like a herd of elephants, and I found it amusing so I signed up.

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