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When you think of the wisest person you've ever known/know, what is it that you're missing in terms of reaching that wisdom?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) May 5th, 2009

Is it age, experience, education, life events? I always think of my old cancer research mentor as the wisest person I know and what I don’t have that he has are vasts amounts of knowledge in multiple areas and his life experience – he’s much older than myself…now, of course, I don’t think being older makes one wiser but in his case, it works

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More humility…

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@SeventhSense so does that mean, that you, in your life, are working on becoming more humble? and is reaching wisdom of some sort a goal of yours?

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Is wisdom a destination?

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@squirbel I’d like to think you accumulate more of it according to either learning more, experiencing more, etc, so perhaps

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Well it seems to be the one thing which is in shortest supply in our world.

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@SeventhSense do you really think that humility is more direly needed than intelligence? (not equating wisdom with intelligence, p.s., just saying)

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I think there’s an abundance of intelligence(and even more opinion) but a lack of implementation of that intelligence because human nature from the standpoint of ego is irrational and fails to see the whole collective.

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@SeventhSense and humility would help intelligent people see the collective? how so?

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Pretty easy: Age and experience.

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To allow each person to assume “right size” in a place of value production and work together for the good of humanity

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@SeventhSense yes i understand and am a fan of socialist principles myself, however, I still don’t see how humility in truly intelligent people would help them care more about others

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Well first comes humility then compassion naturally follows when it’s realized that we’re all in the same boat.

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@SeventhSense I can’t connect, in my head, how humility necessarily and inevitably leads to caring for others…I suppose the most having humility can do is make oneself understand their ‘correct’ place in case they had illusions of grandeur but it doesn’t have to lead to compassion

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When all are equal. There is no competition. When there is no fear of loss or gain the only task is cooperation to assist each other. Since there is no distinction of importance all are equally to be served so helping one’s neighbor is as important as helping oneself because there is no difference. Realizing equilibrium illuminates the fundamental nature of existence and that is the unity of all things. But don’t take my word for it. Sit on a cushion, breathe, still the mind and check it out.

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Experience and confidence.

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Equanimity: Evenness of mind especially under stress.

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I think it’s a combination of experience, education and life experience.

@SeventhSense – do you mean humility in the sense of not being arrogant about their wisdom? Some people seem to have a certain “tone” about their wisdom. It really rubs m the wrong way! GRRR!

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I define it as recognizing that every single person on the planet has as much importance as any other person and has a unique contribution to make whether they be wise, ignorant, intelligent, stupid, good, bad or indifferent. Except that no one individual should hold a position through intelligence or ignorance that injures the greater common good of humanity regardless of personal preference. But this must come through personal awareness and not legislation.

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@SeventhSense Thanks for the explanation! :)

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If I got it into one sentence that would have been a real mouthful huh?

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untouchable. Immune to all others’ opinions.

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see my answers for what u seek

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i lack the ability to remain calm in any given situation. i’m too emotional and it gets in the way of my better judgement.

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Intelligence, experience, humility, generally most traits expected of the wise.

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A lot more living, and a lot more experiences… I’ve only lived seventeen rather sheltered years. I’ve not seen much.
In particular right now, I could use some clarity of mind. I’ve just been through some of the most crazy, life-changing experiences of my life and it’s left my mind so scattered feeling. I don’t communicate well right now…

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same here and i’m 25

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@Mariah Welcome to Fluther! I hope you find your clarity.

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