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If God created Creation from the void, and light,could there have been denizens in darkness previously? Are we possibly All tenents on formerly demonic real estate, (and they want it back, and into darkness.?)

Asked by Crusader (576points) May 5th, 2009

Pre-Genesis theory, perhaps Jesus blood sacrifice thwarted a reclaiming of the Earth by such denizens of darkness..?

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um, do you think anyone has answers to this, really?

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Uh, no.

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What if it were true? How would you prevent such influences from reclaiming the Earth?

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We all already here. Beware.

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Yes. The best defense you can take is to cover yourself in wet newspapers and wait for the blast.

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@les i’m sorry but i just burst out laughing at work, hahahah

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You have been watching Tales from the Crypts “Demon Knight” haven’t you?

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@crusader well I suppose all the answers are in the Bible, no?

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There are many scholars who ascribe to the belief that our Earth as we know it, currently 2009 years after the birth of Christ…was not the first/only Earth in existence. The lack of any mention of previous worlds in the Bible does not necessarily mean there weren’t any… just that the knowledge of such things has no bearing for us now.

If you look at the timetables of chronology from Genesis to Revelation, in order… you may even notice a gap between the initial void and the Creation of our Earth… a gap perhaps also filled with yet another world unbeknownst to us.

The idea that such a place once belonged to demons is less likely, however. But the existence of worlds before ours is not that far fetched.

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okay, as a side note – ‘tenents of formerly demonic real estate’ is a great band name as well as a rights group formed in this economy

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I admit I did watch the Demon Knight Tales from the Crypt episode today…Very astute. But..I noticed a large stain of some kind of thick red jelly (blood-like) on a staier on my way home soon after..never had seen one like that in recent memory..

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Yeah its a pretty cool movie. Anything is possible.

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Yes, your reference to scholars ascribing the belief that their were other Earths before this is interesting. Jesus said ‘Everything has been said/done before’ Perhaps there is truth to this. Yes, its bearing may become more relevant soon, however…

The timetables is another interesting aspect, the ‘gap between the iitial void and the Creation of Earth’ something to consider…

Personally, I believe that we may be some kind of bulward against unpleasant demonic influences. We have be tested in pre-existance, and found worthy of such an important charge.

Though, whether or not we accept it is our own choice, without free will, our capacity to contain the timeless evil is virtually negated.

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@Crusader this makes no sense. There were no demons prior to The Flood.

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frogstomp banana patch certainly…pancake dinner for the crew?

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@SeventhSense it’s in the frizzer!

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mmmm thems some good eats

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I’m thinking the pancakes can serve as a bulward against unpleasant demonic influences It’s all in the syrup.

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I’ll take a dozen. Medium rare.

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I don’t think i’d try and prevent it…if it’s theirs first, and we stole it, and they want it back, who am I to bitch about it? Into the “darkness” we go I guess.

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It very well could be.

Real estate is a buyers market these days.

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Pancakes fresh from the frizzer. But then it’s back to work.

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@SeventhSense I prefer waffle, but I agree on the syrup. mmmmmmmm.

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I love this question

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Before creation, there was the void. However, contrary to what most people think, the “void” is just a name of convenience. Convenience store, that is. See, before creation, there was 7/11 (what the hell does that mean, anyway?). The so-called “denizens of darkness,” actually were a demonic plot to rot everyone’s teeth, and to make Archer Daniels Midland the sweetener king of the underworld.

In a world filled with only darkness and 7/11s, there was no choice, but for God to create reality. Light, as is well known, is the antidote to 7/11 (does anyone know why all 7/11s have that weird smell? Is it some cleaner they use?) God, being a health-conscious consumer, got sick of it, and thus created the universe, as we know it.

7/11, of course, is not taking this sitting down. (Or standing up, for that matter, but that’s another story….) They are slowly taking over real estate across the planet, together with McDonalds, their secret minions. When enough territory has been taken, an implosion will occur, and a black hole will envelop all creation.

Realtors, as you might imagine, are agog about this. It means a return of the real estate bubble. A bubble blown by a very large lizard blowing a very viscous liquid, rumored to be devil pee, through the largest train tunnel in the world. In any case, the realtors stand to make billions, if only they can avoid the lizard.

Blood sacrifice is everywhere. Although it’s not clear whose blood is being sacrificed. Anne Rice minions are fighting Twilight fans in the areas between the 7/11s, taking breaks only to eat Big Macs. Jesus took one look, and said, “Lord, my work is done!” He’s now vacationing South of Bangkok, and has been incommunicado for several years, except for one missive requesting a gross of ribbed, flavored condoms. Who can blame Him?

Anyway, I could go on an on about this, but you’re no doubt bored to crimson tears by now, so I’ll stop. Except to say this…....

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Doesn’t anyone else think of every bad video game with awkward Japanese subtitling ever made reading this conversation?

“All your bulwards are belong to us!” :>D

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir and @crisw

Yes, Bulwark is the proper spelling…I’d be in serious trouble if either of you, (or most,) were my spelling teachers, yet, fortunately, your Are all intelligent enough to replace the incorrect letter with the correct one…

Anyway, anyone ever try to contact something, with say, one of those spirit boards? (I will not attempt the actual name, probably get it wrong and never hear the end of it…)

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Best. Post. Ever.

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@Crusader oh, I don’t know what bulwark is either…sorry, English is not my first language…and I’m not so fluent in demonic issues

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I hear Satan runs a quik-e-mart out on the interstate. That’s why Tylenol is $9/bottle there.

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Bulwark is an opposing force, a barrier to keep something out. And it is to your credit that you are not fluent in demonic issues, really. Taking too many bites of the apple (from the Tree of Knowledge,)can lend itself to excessive awareness..

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@Crusader So, wait, is that whole “An apple away keeps the Doctor away” thing simply a marketing plot by apple conglomerates?

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Marvelous idea. It should be good for a whole series of Hollywood productions, at the very least, if not a genuine Graphic Novel.


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I believe in ‘Loving my enemy’ what do you think of this principle?

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@Crusader i believe in that, as well as making sense. i guess i’m a +1.

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Calling us “demons” is a bit unfair. We were gods in our own right. The Ocean-and-Sky goddess Tiamat gave me the tablet of destinies. Then wonderboy Marduk, with the help of that wretched Ea Enki, usurped Tiamat, shooting her full of air like a balloon and then popping her, and using my blood to make humankind. Then Marduk absorbed the names and powers of all the other gods and crafted the Earth and Sea and Sky from Tiamat’s corpse. He then spoke and brought light into being.

Then, hundreds of years after this story was written down, some hillbilly tribe wandering in the desert co-opted this story, replacing their sky god Yahweh for Marduk and Rahab and Leviathan for Tiamat and myself. That’s why you see all sorts of things in the Psalms about Yahweh “defeating the sea” and “crushing the head of Rahab.”

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Well, the logic of the question is flawed. The question presupposes there is a supernatural being who waved a wand and created the universe. This is, of course, a fairy tale.

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oh no…

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Yes, the Epic of Gilgemesh. I am familiar with it. As I am familiar with that fact that Abraham originated from Ur where the copper tablets with the Epic written in cuniform, (similar to ancient hebrew,) were discovered rather recently. If true, this could represent a previous ‘Earth’ with beings of enormous power and hubris, such that they ‘believed’ the were Gods in their own right, but were merely given gifts form the One God everlasting. When compelled to humble themselves before the ‘inferior’ beings made of clay, they revealed their true, self-important, haughty selves, completely denying God any role in their power and/or his authority. Now they are compelled to be humbled before the very ‘inferior’ creations they despised, God is a master of poetic justice, yes?

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Well they’ve got some prime Real Estate already in Manhattan.
Have you seen the prices in Hell’s Kitchen?

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Yes, you’re right. But you forget that it is my blood that ran in your ancestor Abraham’s veins! BwahaHAHAHA! WHERE’S YOUR GOD NOW?

And it’s the Enuma Elish, not Gilgamesh.

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@SeventhSense seriously, you are very correct on that. I’m pretty sure “the darkness” is beating us at the real estate game and has been from some time.

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Well to be fair Death Valley is still reasonable….

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i hear Beelzebub is running a used car dealership in the Valley.

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i wouldn’t sign any contracts…that guy’s got a rep..and the service department is torture.

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Where is He? Everywhere, Always. He is the Choreographer of the dance, the Orchestrater of circumstance. If it is true that the blood of the Sumerian Angel/Demons flows through the seeds of Abraham, I readily accept the blood of the said beingsalong with the sacrament of the Son.

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I readily accept the blood of the old ones with the sacrament of the Son.
Is that like a trip to church with a pit stop at the nursing home?

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You know you’re tripping right? From Genesis the earth was void meaning there was nothing and there is no evidence from the bible that any such beings called demons were created nor ever existed. Why would they be, so God could prove his might by overcoming them? Is he omnipotent or not? Go back to the original wordings for hell and you won’t find any either.
And Qingu is just a baiter..granted a master baiter..but a baiter nonetheless.;)

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@Crusader seriously, dude. are you on crack? just spewing phrases doesn’t make you religious, righteous or holy. and it turns people away from your message.

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Costco will buy your paperback series in a heartbeat.

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I swallowed the Son’s soul!

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Apple is the coming Apocalypse and the banners of the demon minions several stories high have been hung from buildings to announce this to slow moving traffic. I’ve seen it and so cling to my archaic Dell pc and Samsung phone with all my little might.

Have you seen the tv show, “Kings”? It’s Microsoft and Apple awaiting Daniel Tammet. okay, I’m done here

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When will you all just break down and admit that we are monkies from the goo?

Demons indeed! If demons are real than may one attac…GLLLEEEEARRRRGHH!!!

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Gaga! Gagagaga! Gagag? Gagidigagedaaa!

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@Blondesjon Be careful, @eponymoushipster might get his feelings hurt.

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Ku ku kajoob.
@Qinqu You didn’t swallow the son’s soul. What you swallowed might have had a soul if it hit an egg, instead of the back of your mouth.
Does anyone take any question or response by Crusader seriously? The guy is a loon.

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@filmfann nope.

@chyna yeah, i’m real hurt~

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Yeah, I think they looked like those creatures from Dead Like Me, the ones that caused people to die in accidents. Or maybe one of Kafka’s giant cockroaches.

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The words in Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The Hebrew word for “created” is ‘barah’ which means “to create from nothing”.
So prior to creation, there was no darkness, no void, no time or space. There was absolutely nothing, much less demons, creatures of darkness, etc.

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What’s this? A mancrush on another monkey?

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The truth is just like the asker said.

The earth and all that belongs to it came out of darkness.

The demons of darkness however do not want to return because they too love light.

Therefore they seek to rule the light instead of allow themselve to remain in the dark.

In the begining there was light and there was darkness, the speaking into darkness produced this earth which we see both light and darkness.

Finally though the light will return to light and darkness the same.

This is what the darkness is resisting thus this corruption in the world.

Light mission is mostly completed and so the end is near.

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What ever happened to TaoSan?

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I don’t know but Denizen in the Darkness is so totally my new name for my burlesque persona.

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@SeventhSense I have asked a few people where he went also. No one seems to know.

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He always reminded me of Dante from Clerks

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it’s a long and not so pleasant story.

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<snicker> kind of a funny one in a “glad nobody got hurt”, creepy kinda way

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Tell me the story!! Stomps feet Slams door…:/

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