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What is the best thing to do on a first date with a girl?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) May 5th, 2009

Does going to a movie is fine or not that good?
What about a good meal at a restaurant?
What is the best thing?

I want it to be special and remembered 10 years from now.

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Do something that’s an activity, but allows for you to actually talk/communication with her. A meal is a good idea, maybe go bowling or something. Wii Bowling?

then end with an ol’ “stop short” ;)

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Bark like a dog, and smell her tush!

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Well, if you really want it to be remembered, you could get her pregnant or something.

Not sure that’s the best idea, though.

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@bob_ pregnancy is for the drunken hookup. First date is some tug tug action.

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Tell her you love her. Never fails.

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ask her about her crazy cats.

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be YOURSELF. women can tell when you try too hard to be something you’re not. believe me its a turn off!
like me personally, if a man belches out loud or is really confortable around me i love it! dont like uptight quiet dudes with shit to hide!

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@fedupwitcaddys well, i’m dropping a duece right on the couch next date i go on, if that’s the case.

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Have a good time and make sure she has a good time too.

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Don’t do anything over the top. Especially if you don’t know each other well. Do something active like bowling, or go to a ball game.

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I agree with the first statement bowling is a good idea, it gets you chatting you get to know how competitive she is and you can always grab something to eat before during or after.
I went swimming on a first date once that was loads of fun, got to show off my then good body too. (needless to say not as toned any more!!)

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Find out what her interests are (art, history, sports, murder, etc.) and then try and do something related to that activity that she’s never done before. Firsts are always memorable, even if the relationship doesn’t work out.

If she’s an art fan, bring her to the local museum, history buff? a limited time exhibit of some sort – you get the drift. There are many simple, fun dates that can also be inexpensive.

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Bowling is a really good idea but then it depends on the girl. If she has manicured nails then bowling is the last thing she will want to do!! I dont think anyine can answer this question unless they know her, everyone is different!

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Bowling is a good idea keeps you active and doing something so you will get less ackward silences. As far as the date being remembered 10 years down the road if she really likes you she’ll remember it forever if she doesnt like you then she’ll probably hope she forgets. Well good luck and hope you guys have a great date.

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If she is into sports I think going to a game is a great idea. I love for a guy to take me to see a ball game. Its fun and I always think its fun to root against the team the guy likes its fun to trash talk each other and it will make you two warm up quickly with each other

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@ranimi23, is this the girl you’ve mentioned in your other posts? If it is congratulations! Bowling in a real bowling alley is a good idea. A movie is fine, dinner is good too. Just be sure that you look nice (don’t overdress, but don’t be a slob either), smell good and that you are polite. Open her car door for her, open other doors for her, let her order first, chew with your mouth closed, put your napkin on your lap and don’t hold your fork like a shovel etc. (Oh my, I really sound like a mom don’t I?!)

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@SuperMouse Yes definitely agree with the holding fork like a shovel. WHY DO GUYS DO THIS??!! And a way to a woman’s heart is to open the car door and other doors for her. It makes me melt when guys do that. Mostly car doors.

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@sjmc1989 how about chewing with their mouth open or talking with their mouth full?! Blech!!!

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@SuperMouse I KNOW!! I had one guy do this and I just stared at him through the entire meal with a disgusted look on my face.

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@SuperMouse I wondered if it was the same girl too. I hope so. Lots of us told him to ask again.

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Make it a night to remember. Swoop her off her feet. Do something so wildly romantic that she won’t be able to gather her thoughts. You just have to go a million miles further than you usually would, and do what you think you should do. Good luck!

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The best thing to do with a girl on a first date is to make the sex. It is a great way to be remembered in 10 years.

Also listening is good.

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making the sex. in the mouth?

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@ems So let me get this straight you call it making the sex?? Never heard that one before

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Do something that gives you something to talk about… bowling or a sporting event are great (as lots of people already said). If you’re just at dinner and conversation goes stale, it can be really difficult to keep things going.

My favorite early-in-the-relationship date ever was at one of those parks with batting cages and a race track. You get to have some friendly competition, be silly and play, and see how the other person reacts to annoying kids, losing, etc. There’s lots to talk about and it can last 45 minutes or hours. If things are sucking, dinner can be a slice of pizza. If they’re going great, take her out to a nicer place afterwards.
I swear I already wrote a fluther answer about this but I can’t find it.

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i tend to line my dates up, i.e. plan for an after meeting with the guys to unwind after the date. that way if anything bad happens, you have something to cheer you up, and if it’s good, well, you wont look like you’re trying to hard for pushing it.

that said i always like to start with sushi, so if i lose interest in the girl, i’ll still be able to enjoy my meal.

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@sjmc1989 Yes. Sometimes.

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@ems I have no Idea why but that made me laugh for like 5 minutes! Thats just a hilarious way to say it. So Im curious when your with a girl your getting busy. Do you ever say “lets go make the sex??” If a guy ever said that Id probably still have sex but Id still be laughing the entire time.

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@sjmc1989 Ha! Pretty much. Laughing is good sex medicine.

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Mini golf, not hard on fingernails and lots of fun. We have been together for 20 years and still love Mini-golf. I am not very athletic, and it is still really enjoyable. We are both very competitive and we always bet what the loser is going to give up. That way I get out of cooking dinner once in a while!

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Take her to a pool hall/pub – relaxed and interactive, so depending on awkwardness, down a few drinks, play some pool so you dont have to focus entirely on conversation, after a few games of pool, you should be relaxed from the drinks, if you like each others company, stay and chat, if you dont, then call it a night! Always worked well for me!

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Hm.. take her to get some fooood. And then icecream at the end. ha

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hon, you do what you know will make her smile. spending money and flashy cars isnt always the way to a girls heart. be creative. if you want food take her on a picnic. if you want to be entertained take her to a place where she will laugh and have a good time. if you want her to remember you make her feel as special as you think she is. she’ll never forget it.

when you pick her up, bring her a single rose…she’ll never forget it :)

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@bright_eyes00 i LOVE it when a guy brings a single rose – so romantic, goos suggestion :)

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Ask her what she wants to go out to do? Have some suggestions of your own but see if she had anything in mind.

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Ok, I’ve got a very high success rate with dates so hears my advice:-

What you want to do is show her what you’re about. Always helps to have a limo pick her up and go to an elegant restaurant with cuisine fit for a princess. If she’s never been treated like this before, she’ll be swept of her feet. Its ok to make her a little nervous, because then you’re then one in control.

Tip :- Go hunting or sparring or for a solid workout before the date. That should get your confidence levels up and your aura will exude an inner calm/energy that she will instantly be attracted to.

Don’t be too talkative or hyper-energetic. That shows ur nervous. Don’t compliment her too much. A simple “Ahh, finally, someone who makes an effort”, in relation to her sense of dressing would convey that you’re a savvy kinda guy.

LISTEN to her. LISTEN to what she has to say. The more she talks about herself, the more she gives you to analyze/understand her. Women are GENERALLY very complicated so you need as much information as you can to process and profile her type.

LOOK her in the eyes. Communicate with your body and ur posture. Smile from time to time.

Put in a slick one liner from time to time.Be bold but polite.Assert your attitude. Don’t be shy or self-conscious.

Wherever you are , MAKE HER LAUGH. Entertain her, but don’t be a clown.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself, unless she makes an explicit inquiry. Leave a little to her imagination. Women are very curious creatures and a mysterious persona is more attractive to them than someone they know everything about.

Women love men with a sense of quite self-assurance. Be a man of few, yet effective words.

Avoid topics like politics, religion, crime, capital punishment, feminism etc, Computers, Gadgets.(Unless one of these fields happens to be her forte)

Possible topics of discussion :- Art, Music,Literature for the more intellectual type of girl (personally, I prefer this type)

Celebrity gossip, High Fashion,High profile divorces, Television shows for the less intellectual kinda girl.

Be a leader. When ordering, don’t ask her what she thinks you would like to eat. Slip in a recommendation of what you think may whet her appetite, but don’t impose your choice on her. When ordering a drinks, show you’re knowledgeable about any beverage ( preferably wine or cocktails). Eg, a white wine like Chardonnay would go well with grilled salmon fish in a pesto sauce.

Steer her experience of the date. Take initiative.

Lastly, remember that you’re enjoying a lovely evening with a beautiful woman. Order yourself some drinks ( I’m more of a whisky guy. Chivas regal all the way). Relax, bask in her beauty and be fluid.

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@sohamthe2nd Wow! You sound like a big game hunter. Back, Nuba!

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@sohamthe2nd I would totally roll my eyes if a guy player picked me up in a limo for a 1st date.
And really dude, if a guy isn’t really a man of few words, why the heck would I would him to pretend to be? The best advice for a guy or girl going out on a first date is be the best version of yourself. As a girl, I want to find out who a guy is on the first date. Off-limit topics is a silly idea, and save the super fancy stuff for a special occasion.

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Something simple…....

Really….a limo? That’s trying too hard…You do that after you are sure you want to take it further.

What about finding out what her interests are….and doing something like that. If she likes sports, go sky diving. If she likes music, find out her fave band and get tickets. If she likes certain foods…find a restaurant or cook it up for her. Always bring flowers, that’s polite…and not desperate.

Something spontaneous works, too….when I was in college, I once had a guy climb on the fire escape all the way up to the floor where my class was. And as class was ending, he tapped on the window waving a picnic basket! I laughed and thought it was so sweet…I “escaped” down the ladder and he whisked me off to a meadow where we had a great picnic. It was not expensive, but really,really spontaneous and thoughtful.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant and expensive. Sometimes when guys have spent a lot of money on me on the first date, and I am not interested…well, it is uncomfortable.

Simple and spontaneous does well.

All the best!

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If you really want to impress her, take her to the homeless shelter. She’ll think you’re going to help feed the homeless, but instead, sit down and be served yourself. Make sure to snatch a roll of the homeless guy’s plate next to you and then ask, “Are you gonna eat that?”

The best place to take a girl on the first date is to your bank. Have the teller show her your bank balance. Then, if she stays with you after, take her out to eat.

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Depends on the girl. Also it depends how nervous you are. Movies are great if you feel nervous as it takes away the conversation part. But also it gives you something to talk about afterwards. Dinner is always nice. But if you want to make it super special like you said, she will remember it for years to come, perhaps phone one of those special event companies that do things like helicopter rides. They will give you ideas.

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Zoos are good first dates. You can hit the petting zoo to see how she interacts with animals, walk around and talk.

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Any one else want to know how this date went???

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On a first date w/a girl I would most likely go to a fine restauant and tell her to order any thing her heart desires.Order a fine bottle of wine if she drinks.Have pleasant conversation and,ask if she would like to see a movie &/or play after dinner.Or leave it up to her as to what to do.And take it from her cue.Eventualy leave and head off to next destination.Walk her home if not to far and if the vibes are right kiss her good-night and ask if I could call or see her again.

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