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I'd love to get this photo touched up (get rid of the rip). Could anyone help me?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 5th, 2009
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It souldn’t be too hard for anyone with Photoshop or any other image manipulation program with a cloning tool. Here’s one tutorial for Photoshop, Here’s another, for GIMP.

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Also, is that the highest resolution you have for the photo?

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There’s my best attempt. She is beautiful!

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I would take it to a local photo lab. You’d probably get better results with a professional (as opposed to a Walgreens or what have you). They can scan it at amazingly high resolutions too.

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@amanderveen It’s a picture of my Mom that I scanned. The picture, as you can see, was in pretty rough shape.

@lefteh that actually looks pretty good. Thanks!

I think I’ll take Tits’ advice and take it a photo lab.

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@lefteh- Awesome job.

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I took a shot-
Here’s my gift to Mom

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Your welcome. And regardless of what you do at least you have a couple starting points. The high resolution sofware that they have at labs is pretty amazing and I think it’s a fairly simple fix. FYI- that was done with free software. Ten years ago you would have needed Photoshop.

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@lefteh -that was really nice of you to help!

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Thanks, but give SeventhSense some lurve too! He didn’t mangle her hand as badly as I did :P

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That was the hardest part as well as seeing where that fabric really is in relation to her face

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Yeah, for sure. I also tried to give her an ear where I imagine one was. That sort of succeeded.

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You’re braver than me. My usual approach is to pare down detail to a believable illusion rather than add anything

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I’ve done touch ups for my MIL and some of her genealogy pictures. With Photoshop and the right technique it shouldn’t be a problem.

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My MIL Original , Retouched
Annie Bell Original, Retouched

Just have to work in baby steps with lots of saves and I found saving in steps like working 1, working 2, working 3, really helps.

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