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Why do people think garters are so hot?

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Cause they are?

I guess it could be because it’s rarely seen anymore- women generally don’t need to wear garters. If a woman is wearing one, the chances are it’s because she put extra time into looking good (am I right in assuming people don’t wear them as regular under garments anyomre?). And it’s a novelty thing too.

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I wonder why. I am old enough to remember stockings (before pantyhose, we wore stockings) held up by garters. Hated them. The clips chafed and the things were almost insupportable on very hot days.

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they are hot.

they put an emphasis on a ladies thighs, which are generally (esp. if they’re wearing them) very sexy.

me likey.

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I agree with @Likeradar..they just are
I don’t wear them all the time, just for special occasions in the bedroom.

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@casheroo I wear them out, but only when I wanna turn my guy on… which makes me think they’re maybe seen as sexy because the woman wearing them is letting it be known that she wants to get a lil’ somehin’ somethin’.

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Because they are beacons of implied sexuality – which, IMHO, is always hotter than giving away the farm (visible thongs for example).

What you can imagine, what that well-dressed thigh is suggesting, is that much sexier because of it.

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1. They’re hot for eroticism’s sake.
2. What @Likeradar already said.
3. See @cprevite‘s answer.

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They are absolutely hot, and wearing them makes a gal feel sexier.

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I’m a guy, and I don’t tend to like garters (not to say I haven’t ever seen one that I liked). But in general I’m not a fan.

On the other hand though, if it makes the girl feel sexy that is also a plus. Not to mention, I’m sure there are guys who like them.

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My wife isn’t feeling all that interested in sex these days. Anxiety, you know. Do you think if I give her garters to wear, and she puts them on, she’ll all of a sudden be hot to trot?

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@daloon Not what I meant, if that was a response to me. :) I meant a woman who wears them because she wants to is usually sending a message.

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It adds to the high maintenaance and helpless woman mystique. Also she has so many straps and snaps, and to unwrap her is like Christmas Morning.

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@SeventhSense “Christmas Morning” ehehe, classic

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I had come to the conclusion that it’s just another piece of the roleplay costume…. instead of a nurse, french maid, or teacher, they’re dressed up like a 1950’s half-naked housewife? Some people are into that.

Garters haven’t had a practical application for a long, long time.

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I think they’re hot not only because of how they emphasize the leg, but also, the blank space in between the hip and the leg.

I wear them often – even to work. I mean hey, nobody there has to know, which is part of the fun. I like them better than standard hose or tights because I feel like my butt’s not covered up and smothered in tight fabric, and I can breathe better with them on. It’s less material, really. Also, more modern garters don’t have to be all bows and lace and over-the-top – they can be pretty streamlined and still sexy.

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@Likeradar—no, no. I don’t expect that to work. I was just poking a little fun at the nature of sexiness. It’s in the head, not a little band of cloth around a thigh.

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@3or4monsters – I have garters. They keep my socks up. Nobody likes droopy socks.

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@fundevogel Ok, I changed my mind… that’s sexy.

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tee hee..uberfest

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It accentuates a beautiful area.

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I love garters, they are so sexy! I would wear mine to work all the time with a small skirt. I dont like the feeling of the bands on my thighs, so I will take a pair of fishnets and cut them to make my own. Guys loved it when I bent over to grab a beer out of the lowest cooler. I always wore them with lacey boy shorts so I was never exposed. I agree with @Likeradar , wearing them out on a date with your man is like foreplay.

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Aside: For all that I’m not a big fan of wearing garter belts, I’m wearing some with thigh highs under my wedding dress, as well as the throwing garter as part of the reception ceremony. I’ll probably need both to hold the flask of whiskey in place, because there sure as hell aren’t pockets anywhere on this dress.

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@3or4monsters I thought garters were standard wedding attire.

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@3or4monsters I went bare legged at my wedding, it was so hot and my dress covered everything anyway. I also put on the cutest little sneakers towards the end of the night.
BTW you can have hidden pockets sewn into your dress, or have the bartender keep a special bottle just for you under the bar ;)

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They’re usually a nice surprise to see when removing conservative clothes, so I’ve been told. Also, they frame the buttocks, draw attention down the thighs and can be made of really sumptious-to-the-touch fabrics. Some people like to slip a hand up a dress or skirt and give them a playful snap, on the down low of course

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic The kinds of garters that exist as bands that go around mid-thigh are, since so many people do the “toss the garter” thing. But after test-dancing and test-walking, they didn’t do the job well enough for holding the hose up. I’m not sure if the kind that belts around the waist, with the clips that hang down, are standard. Are they?? I haven’t checked under enough brides, I guess. Time to investigate… FOR SCIENCE.

Most hose these days have a gummy textured… print?.. at the top/inside of thigh highs, so that besides the elastic in the hose itself, they stay in place when combined with the kinds of garters that go around mid thigh. I bought the wrong kind though, they don’t have the stuff that sticks to skin, so they have to have a garter-belt.

But I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know, amirite playa? Also, sorry for the question hijack.

@elijah I am seriously considering sneakers for the end of the night! I’ve got these 4.5’’ torture heels that look fantastic but really start to kill at the 2 hr mark. Also, good idea with the pockets, but I’m down to T minus 3 days and our seamstress is bogged down with prom requests. I didn’t think that one through. I might have one of my bridesmaid’s stash the booze if the thigh-holster doesn’t work. :)

It’s kinda sucky because our hall has a no hard-liquor policy. Their license is for beer, champagne, and wine only. Kinda flubbed that one. So liquor should probably be discreetly on our persons.

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@3or4monsters Wow! Three days! I would love to see a picture of your dress, if you feel comfortable sharing it. I’m a bit obsessed with weddings.

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@3or4monsters I too would love to see a picture of the dress. (with you in it of course).

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@elijah: have you watched Bridezilla? My wife is obsessed.

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@cprevite Yes I watch it, but I am much more attracted to Platinum Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress.

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@elijah: Oh yeah, there’s a plethora of those shows on cable.

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@cprevite those shows make me froth at the mouth. I don’t like wedding shows. I think the birthing industry, the wedding industry, and the funeral industry make gross caricatures of people at their worst during the most important parts of a person’s life. :(

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well, assuming you’re wearing one to hold up stockings, this song pretty much explains the wonders of thigh high nylons… (;

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