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Where are your hands when you're driving?

Asked by robmandu (21275points) May 5th, 2009

At 10 and 2 on the steering wheel? On the radio dial? Shifting gears? Working the GPS? Texting in a school zone? Holding a cigarette? Steering with your knees and chowing on a Big Mac®?

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Oh… left elbow on the door, left hand on the wheel, and right hand on the stick.

No, not that stick, you wanker!

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Left hand on the wheel, and right hand darting back and forth between the stick and the music source. I’m extremely fidgety about channel-changing!

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I usually keep my hands between 2&3, and 9&10…on the paddle shifters.

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Usually at 10 and 2. Sometimes at 3 and 9. Sometimes at 7 and 5.

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Left hand at 10, elbow on the ledge where the door ends and the glass begins.

Right hand clutched around a section of the lap belt, near the buckle. I don’t know why I do that. When I catch myself doing it, I put it back at 2 o clock, but if my mind wanders…

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@Wine3213, paddle shifters == WIN!!

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On that subject, you can see about everything from a bus window. We did drive by this guy masturbating while driving. He waved. It was terrible.

Pardon my irrelevancy.

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@dverhey is getting a lot of lurve for that irrelevant response

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Ok sorry dverhey got me off topic! My right hand is usually at 6 and my left hand twirling my hair or honking at the idiots around me I live in NC no one can drive and YES I have road rage!

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Both hands on the wheel, got to be ready for anything in this city- golf cart careening off a curb into the street, monster trucks creating their own lanes, stuff like that.

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@dverhey A friend of mine once drove past a guy who was jerking it while driving. When he noticed her watching, she gave him a double-thumbs up and a big cheesy grin, and he got mad, glared, flipped her off, and sped away. Like dude, did you think nobody can see through your windows? LOL.

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@3or4monsters bwahahaha

I saw an elderly asian woman giving an elderly asian man a blow job in a car next to me once. She definitely wasn’t trying to find something, she was going at it. I could not stop laughing

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@3or4monsters and @dverhey this makes me want to start another question.
“How many people have actually masturbated while driving??”
I mean I have given road head before but Hey I did it at night when there was no other cars around!

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@sjmc1989, lurve for “road head”.

Mmmmmm… road head….

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@robmandu definitely a fan of it!!

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All over place! Sometimes they’re at 10 and 2. Sometimes they’re at 8 and 4. Sometimes they’re loosely at the bottom of the wheel (6 o’clock?). Sometimes they’re feeding my mouth. Sometimes they’re holding my cell on speaker phone. Other times they’re drumming on the steering wheel. If I’m lucky, my right hand is holding someone else’s hand ;)

God I sound like a terrible driver

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Usually at the end of my arms.

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Left hand at 12. Right hand is either on my emergency break (I hold it for some reason), over the back of the passenger seat, changing music on my iPhone, drinking something, and many other things. But, when I am doing anything like changing lanes or entering the freeway, I always have both of my hands on the wheel, usually at 10 and 2.

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Wow. Sorry!

But thank you!

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When I can drive terminal medical reasons…grrr! usually somewhere around 9 & 3..if I’m driving my car. If I’m driving my husband’s truck – left arm on the armrest- hand holding the wheel. Right hand around 3 o’clock.

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Left hand at 9. Left elbow on the window sill. Right hand at 3.

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@robmandu Yeah… I just my car and it’s awesome! I didn’t want paddles at first, but I’m starting to like them.

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road head heh heh

I drive with my left hand at 12 o’clock, right hand on stick shift

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Left hand at 2, right elbow and arm out the window but I move it back to turn on my signals.

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left hand on the steering wheel, right hand on the gear shift, other hand adjusting the mirror, other hand twiddling the radio knob, and last hand holding a cigarette.

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Left hand on the steering wheel, sometimes propping my head up if I’m driving long distance on cruise control, right hand holding the gear shift or on my thigh. I’ll occasionally fiddle with my ipod or (admittedly) send a text message/dial my phone.

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I drive with my right hand at either 6 or 11, switching hands (with the left at about 8) when necessary :)

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On the playstation controller I don’t have a real car anymore

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Left hand at 6:00–7:30, right hand could be anywhere (usually idle and close to the wheel). Of course, I live in a small town and have to drive on the interstate to go anywhere, so this “most of the time” is really only while I’m driving straight on a highway. The right hand gets involved for turns, exits, lane changes, city driving, etc.

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Nowadays generally on the steering wheel, or rather one on the wheel and one generally on the gearstick (I drive manually). My right hand may sometimes change a station or the music volume, or I might talk on the phone (or even write messages, yes, I’m bad), but sometimes it may also rest on the steering wheel as well.

Which is an enormous improvement from the days when both hands were rolling a cigarette and I had a huge jug of tea stuck between my legs (I used to steer with my knees and elbows back then).

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Attached to my wrists.

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Left hand at around 11, while Right hand is on the gearshift knob. (I had paddleshifters on a test drive and in a loaner, I did not like them as much as the real thing).

I have good NPR Music stations in my area (WBJB, WXPN) so I only need to switch stations when traveling from one broadcast area to the next, or to my iPhone for its iPod feature (lurve to MINI for iPhone/iPod integration!).

I often eat breakfast and my pre-workout snack in the car, also. Yogurt is probably the trickiest thing to eat while driving, but juicy pears can also be a challenge.

I often rest my hands on the steering wheel columns at 3 and 9 on long stretches of road… they have the cruise and audio/phone controls on them.

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I love driving with my left arm out the window, but having the window down causes my long hair to tangle up in the wind. Still, sometimes the sun is too tempting.

I rarely if ever drive with two hands on the wheel. My dad learned how to drive with a broken hand, thus he learned how to drive with one hand and did that constantly, thus I learned to drive with one hand.

As for where that hand is, it changes. Sometimes it’s up at 12:30. Others (long distances) it’s down at 6. Sometimes I rest my hand at 3 or 9, most often when I am navigating inside a city or elsewhere which requires quick turns of the wheel.

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its refreshing to read how many other people drive manual transmissions. I hate driving an automatic.

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Truck—Left at 9 or 10, with elbow either out the window or on armrest on the door
Right, 2 or 3, or on shifter or radio.

Wife’s car: 8 and 4

When I learned to drive, in the stone age, we were told ten and two are the best position. Air bags make that position dangerous during a turn.

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One’s rolling, one’s tipping. Alternatively, left thumb at six o’clock and right hand on the camel toe. But seriously folks, 3 and 9 like the Man demands.

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4 and 8

Just started driving =D

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@Alessandra: You ‘just started driving’, but in another question, you said you’re getting drunk all the time? I really hope you’re not 15 or 16… Those things don’t mix well.

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on my cell phone. lol.

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My father taught me to drive when I was 11.

He told me, “Son, when you are driving, always use both hands… and steer with your feet”

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Right arm at about 2 o’ clock on the steering wheel and my right hand on my shifter.z

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I usually have one hand on the wheel and the other flicking ash out the window.


On the steering wheel!


@jerv You better watch out——the ash you flick out just might flick back at ya. Heh-heh.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I’ve been lucky so far ;)

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