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Have you ever woken up to sounds that weren't there?

Asked by ragingloli (51414points) May 5th, 2009

For example, my doorbell is really loud and it always makes my heart race when it goes off.
From time to time i wake up because of that sound, without it actually happening in reality.

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This happens to me often. Usually I think I hear my phone, or my son crying.

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Same here. I always wake up to my sister yelling my name or pounding on my door. Then I try to find her and she isn’t home. It happens a few times every week.

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I can’t remember ever waking up to sound that wasn’t actually there.. usually it’s the phone ringing that works it’s way into my dream and wakes me. It’s always actually ringing though.

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When I was seriously ill, I swear, there were days when I heard my husband talking to me. Nope…he wasn’t there, he was out somewhere or heading to work. I just chalked it up to my craziness. :)

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Back when I worked construction, I used to hear the sound of hammers in my head when I tried to fall asleep. I have also been woken up by imaginary sounds, or sounds that seem like something else. The early morning that the cat was killing the baby rabbit outside my bedroom window scared the shit out of me. I don’t know what my sleeping mind thought it was, but by the time I woke up, I figured it out. fucking cat!

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Uh, no offense dude but I think you should talk to someone about that.

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Sleep sounds are strange but I like them. Several times I’ve awakened, wondering if what I just heard actually happened or not.

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I often hear someone saying my name. Sometimes when I’m drifting off to sleep and it jolts me back awake, and sometimes in the mornings. Used to freak me right out.

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@Ivan :: I have PTSD. I have seen people.

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I have definitely woken up and not quite have made it out of the fog of my dreams before. I usually get very worried about it too.

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Not sounds. I have however woken up several times during dreaming that I was falling… I always wake up mid-fall and am kicking.

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@BBSDTfamily dreams of falling usually means that you feel like you are losing control of some aspect of your life.

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Exploding head syndrome is not as cool as it sounds.

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When I’ve been at work for several nights in a row and finally get to sleep, I tend to wake up hearing the patients alarm at work… (I’m a nurse)
And I instantly look up at the ceeling to see who’s calling…

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Yes. I often dream just as I’m waking up or falling asleep—I usually realize I am asleep if I am waking up, but don’t if I’m falling asleep. I’ll hear conversations or someone will talk to me as I fall asleep and they may say something surprising or loud and it will jolt me back into full wakefulness. Similarly, as I’m waking up something loud might happen or something surprising and again, it jolts me into being fully awake.

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—@BBSDTfamily and @kate1746, the hypnic jerk is a fairly well-documented phenomenon, which can be explained far more convincingly based on the physiology of the body than by recourse to some arbitrary dream analysis.
From Wiki:
“The neurological reason that hypnic jerks occur is not fully understood, although there are two predominant theories.

Some researchers suggest that as a subject’s heartbeat and breathing slow down, hypnic jerks occur as a natural part of muscular transition.[4]

Another theory states that as a subject falls asleep, their muscles begin to relax and cease working, causing the brain to believe that the body must be falling through air. It is thought that this causes people to thrash their limbs in an attempt to catch something or turn oneself upright[4].”—

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Yes snoring but when I wake up it’s gone.

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@Jayne This makes sense, thanks for your feedback!

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@kate1746 This makes sense too, thanks!

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When I was a nurses aide (a million years ago) I worked nights. I used to wake up wondering when someone was going to turn me over. We had to turn the patients every two hours.

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There are studies that show. Sometimes neurons just fire off without cause. They are what help ust to hear, think, feel, ect. But when we are not doing theses actions. You can be startled. Thinking you actually heard something. I guess in a way you did, since everything we feel or hear is a chemical/electrical reaction.

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