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How do you cure a case of the blues?

Asked by Macaulay (778points) May 6th, 2009

How do you pick yourself up when you’re feeling down?

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usually by actually playing a bit of blues

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I’ve found that doing something really nice for someone else, something unexpected that will really help this person, seems to snap me out of it.

Generally speaking, staying busy during these periods is key.

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I go out and take pictures of stuff. Find the beauty in the small things. I will stare at a blade of grass for a hour. They are really interesting if you examine them. I know I am a hippie.

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With a case of the reds.

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Exercise even if you don’t feel like it, I always feel better after working up a good sweat! And remember the endorphins!

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Get out in the sun. Breathing in a few lungfulls of fresh delicious air with the sun beating down on your face is enough to shake me out of the basic blues.

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I listen to happy music and try to think good thoughts about whatever has given me the blues. Or I go to bed and am usually happier when I wake up.

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I tend to turn to a good friend and we talk it out, whatever’s bothering me. We usually sit with a beer or glass of vino. She helps me put things into prospective; and after talking with her, things don’t seem so bad. I’m usually laughing pretty hard at the end, too. A bit of an emotional roller coaster.

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I usually play some videogames to get my mind off things and usually forget what I was so blue about

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get a bottle of jack daniels and put on either muddy waters, howlin wolf, john lee hooker…any of the greats and drink until you don’t care

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Listening to jazz seems to perk me right up. Finding someone to share a laugh with always helps. Being around other people that enjoy your company is always a great cure for the blues. If all that fails, try writing a few dirty limericks. Finding words that rhyme with bodily functions is bound to make you smile. It works for me, anyway.

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Get out of the house. But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.

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Try and figure out what is making me sad, if I don’t know.
Then, yoga, swimming, fresh air.

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I indulge it for a bit – say, maybe a day. Watch a sad movie, listen to blue music, read a depressing book, take a nap. I usually find that if I do that, I end up processing whatever has me down and coming out of my funk. If I fight it, it festers.

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If you don’t know already, learn what your triggers are for endorphin release. For some people it’s exercise or a burst of nervous energy or adrenaline and others find a pick me up in building a structure of behavior, following it and gaining from it. The snag is, sad or angry events can also trigger a rush and your brain can acclimate to those things, seek those things to get the response it needs. Train your brain to want for things that don’t hurt you in the long run.

My mother gets a high every weekend when she cleans the floors and dusts the house. For me, it’s a weekly ritual of meeting up with a friend of mine for brunch.

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Pray to Jesus
Meditate on God’s Word The Holy Bible (usually Psalms/Proverbs/Philippians)
Gospel Choir Music

God Bless.

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do what makes you happy

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Going to get frozen yogurt.

That’s what I’m going to do.

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I like to kick a midget in the junk.

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Some great answers here, get drunk, pray and kicking midgets!

I’m with tits, I vote for frozen yohurt.

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@Blondesjon please tell me that seVen is a midget.

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vodka…and lots of it ;)

i kid. to remove the blues i run. around my block or at the gym either way i eventually run the blues out of me and my day seems to brighten just a tad

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By getting toasted. Nicely toasted.

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going for a walk, listening to my favorite songs, taking a nice bath, talking to my best friend…these things work for me.

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