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What are the obvious signs a guy likes a girl?

Asked by libbinogurl (96points) May 6th, 2009

Ages 15–18?? What would be the typical tell tale signs, I need brutal honesty here lol. Thanks :)

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Body language is a real good sign to know if someone likes you – if their general body language is pointing towards you or is completely open then he likes you, if it is pointing away from you then he isnt really that interested.
If you catch him looking at you for no reason then thats good.
If he is always smiling when talking or listening to you.
If he asks about your ove life.
If he says things like ‘i wouldnt cheat on you’ or ‘id be faithful’ you can tell from sentances like that he likes you as he is imagining himself in a relationship with you.
Hope that helps! :)

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15–18…He becomes afflicted with uncontrollable boner syndrome while in your presence. UBS, sometimes referred to as ChUBS can be no picnic. I new a guy that had to carry a pocket full of rubber bands to avoid humiliation. Track pants should be avoided in such situations.

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He gets stupid and shows off more. Watch how he behaves while in this state and imagine staying with him for a period of time – something like two years.
Can you stand it? Go for a quiet polite guy.

@peedub In that age range, UBS can be sparked by anything, scratchy underwear, cold, a jelly doughnut, a female within 100 yards eating a ice cream cone, heck even a glimpse at a package of Twinkies! Therefore, logically speaking, is it not a necessary and sufficient indicator of affection. ;-)

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@Lupin twinkies huh….. sounds like a sign :P

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If he goes out of his way to touch you!

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@Lupin A valid, and yet o-so-true, observation. Sometimes a jelly doughnut is SO effin tasty, I wanna take my shirt off. The very thought sends shivers down me bear-spine.

On that note, this one goes out to my main twinky, Richard H., who tickles my pickle fancy.

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@uberbatman. And pink hostess sno balls.
I don’t think there is a 16 year old boy alive that hasn’t noticed the uncanny resemblance.

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his erection?

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well, when he dips your pigtails in the inkwell, you know he has taken a fancy to you. wait, wrong century; young uns don’t have pigtails or inkwells anymore, do they?

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He seems to be around more often, and he looks for opportunities to talk to you, or he asks you out. That’s generally a good sign, unless you have an unfortunate reputation.

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He goes out of his way to walk you to a class, or sit with (or nearer) to you at lunch or homeroom. He congregates around your locker. He calls you for homework assignments.

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you can’t have direct eye contact
you act like an idiot, for no reason
your ability to express yourself has gone to hell with that person
sweaty hands
you see her and you smile
she gets closer and you freak out
you call her home and when she picks, you hang up, even though you know she has caller id, and when she calls back you pretend its a pizza parlor or something…
you do a bit of research with her friends even though you know she will find out its you who’s been asking stuff about her
you try to be cool but then, you are not
you practice what you are going to say to her in front of a mirror 1000 times, and when the moment comes, you just can’t
you ask your parents for extrta money, to save a little so you can take her out someday
you leave stuff in her backpack, like chocolates and stuff
you pretend to cross her path by chance when actually, you’ve been waiting for her for like 2 hours
you go where she goes, but you are nort an ass, you go with your friends, another happy coincidence
you finally leave a cd you burned with all your illegal downloads with the latest hits and a lovesong at the end
you get her a book
you help her with her homework
you pretend you like chickflicks and say how much you like the notebook and nights at rodante, when you obviously cannot wait to see megan fox all dirty and sweaty in revenge of the fallen…

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Thanks :) Well some things I have noticed is that I’ll turn to see where he is and hes staring rite at me most of the time and hes pretty chatty to me but he hasnt made ‘any excuse to touch me’ or complement me but I think that is due to him being rather shy.

He always smiles when he talks to me and at church we have dinner afterwards in a huge group and I had no where to sit he literally got a chair for me and asked if I wanted to sit with them (him and his friends) Was he just being friendly?? or different??

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Well from what you have just said he os a pretty good catch!!
He sounds like a wonderful wonderful guy!
Its hard to tell if he is just being friendly or he feels something for you. Id say it looks pretty good tho. There is a good chance he does like you. Maybe just flirt a little and see what happens :)

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I guess I’ll know in time eh? Well Im seeing him on sunday so lets see what happens and I’ll report back haha x

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Yay, dnt forget to reprt back and tell me all about it!
I look forward to it :)

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Yep I will Wooot!! Its tomorrow!! Cant wait to see! x

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Okay, well Im still not sure lol I asked one guys if he likes anyone atm and he said, not really, so could he be hiding it?

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Your right he could be hiding it or be too shy to say, not long ago a guy that i liked asked me if i liked anyone and i said no – because i was to scared/nervous to say ‘yes, you!!’
Some guys just need more time than others, i would just wait and see, the guy i like still hasnt told me he likes me even tho he flirts ALOT and stuff! Everyone who knows him says he is just a little scared but they think he likes me too! So i am just waiting for him to get the confidence he needs to say something to me :)

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i wouldnt know, ive only had one boyfriend and got cheated on

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