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Would you become cannibal?

Asked by FAGIN (181points) May 6th, 2009

Even if it meant eating a family member and you had to kill to survive?

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No. But I would consider it, just as those people whose plane crashed in the Andes did. If someone has died. I believe they have no need for their corpse. I don’t care what happens to mine after I die, and I would be happy to have someone eat it if that was necessary for them to stay alive. It wouldn’t be easy, but if I got hungry enough, I think I’d do it. I’d never kill them for meat, though. Never!

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I wouldn’t kill a loved one (or probably anyone, for that matter) to eat, but I’d probably eat if they were already dead.
I don’t think I’d be capable of making someone’s last moments on earth scary and painful, but if they were already dead, who cares?

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I agree with daloon & Likeradar, only if they are already dead. I wonder what people taste like…what if we are really tasty?

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I would not kill a person. But, if the situation warranted it..I would resort to eating parts of their dead body for survival.

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I would not kill a person unless I had too. To eat them, no. To defend myself, yes. If we are talking like Donner Party cannabalism or those poor soccer guys they made the movie about, then yes. I never understood the big deal with that. It is eat or die. We are not talking Dahmer type cannabalism. I could not eat a family member though, too yucky.

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Does p*y count?

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I agree with all above who said only if they were already dead. Although, as horrible as it seems, I think I could eat a dead family member if I was hungry enough. If you really think about it, the family member would be the one you really would want to eat, as you would probably know of any diseases they had and you wouldn’t know that about a stranger.
What could be worse than eating a dead body to stay alive than to find out weeks later you contracted some deadly disease from it?

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@chyna Damn, I didn’t think about that! Bummer. Ok, I would eat my hubby, but not my kid.

@MrKnowItAll too bad it doesn’t count!

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If you haven’t, read “The Speciality of the House,” Stanley Ellin’s first short story (1948) and one of the most successful and famous of the English language.

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Humans are too fatty these days. I like my meat lean :)

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@Facade haha lurve for you.

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thanks for the lurve :P

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I’m afraid I would be the dinner instead of the diner.

BTW when Columbus came calling he was asking the Arawak natives about the people on the mainland and they told him those people were the Carib, hence the area became the Caribbean. In Arawak Carib means cannibal.

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I would only kill in self-defense or the defense of my child. I do not think I would turn to cannibalism even in the most dire of situations but couldn’t say for sure unless I was actually faced with the decision. I certainly hope I never have to find out.

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Eating a random human? Not a problem, provided there is no other food source. Killing and eating my family? I would never do that. That’s just too awful. If they were zombified then I could kill them easily, knowing that they were suffering or no longer even themselves.

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It would probably depend on what types of seasonings are availble. Every good canibal knows that the secret is in the marinade!

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Only when eating mariners!

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I can’t become a cannibal anymore.

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So you’ve been eating other rats?

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uhh ewww no way i could never do that i would rather starve to death then eat someone i new.

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In a life-or-death situation and there is a dead body, I almost certainly would; whether I could kill a person in order to eat him/her, I hope not, but circumstances can alter cases – I read the story of the Donner party at an impressionable age.

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@daloon There was a great show on PBS last night about a rat invasion that happens in India every 48 years. They actually showed how rat is prepared. I think I would go for rats before humans.

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No. I would eat bugs or even grass or dirt to satify my hunger and try to discipline my body to survive on as little as it could with water. I would try to keep myself in a meditative state and use as little energy as I could.

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Anyone ever eaten Beaver?

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OOO OOO OOO I have. I guess that makes me a cannibal.

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@FAGIN @spresto:So predictably obvious and such old news. Humor is only funny the first ten thousand times the joke had been told. Didn’t you two know that? It doesn’t shock or offend the collective; simply puts them into a bored coma.

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My God! Such wisdom you speak. FAIL.

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Besides I was telling the truth. I don’t know what you are.

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I am on life-support over this subject. My boys stopped making Beaver jokes when they were 14 and 15. Although they did put up some new and difficult rock climbing routes in the Adirondack High Peaks that were mentioned in the guide book. They got to name their routes; one that wast published is still offficially called “Split Beaver.”

Check out my profile to read about me. (And as Socrates asked, “What is truth?”)

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Probably yes, but I’d never kill a family member (unless in “family” you also include my ex wife). I certainly can’t imagine eating my own daughter, or anyone else I know for that matter. It would have to be a stranger, and it would have to be someone that was either dead or killed by someone else. This is a very weird question btw.
Of course, people may do extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances, so never say “never”.

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I don’t believe that many of us truly know what we would or would not do under extreme circumstances. I would like to think I would abide by my principles and morals no matter what, but they have seldom been tested under pressure. I do not know what I would do other than always put my children first.

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