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Is there a way to add the thesaurus to the context menu in Open Office's word processor?

Asked by Ivan (13439points) May 6th, 2009

Open Office Writer, the word processor, has a thesaurus feature, but it’s kind of inconvenient to access. In Microsoft Word, the thesaurus is accessible through the context (right-click) menu. Is that possible in Open Office?

Google offered little help. Thanks in advance.

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Actually, as much as I love Open Office, I still believe there is still a number
of features that should be added to it before it can completely defeat MS Office.

Some of those features include the ability to draw illustrations in the slide while in the slideshow mode, the thesaurus feature you’ve mentioned and a couple more things too.

I’m not sure about your problem though..

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I haven’t tried this as I don’t use OO.o myself, but you might try your luck with one of the extensions.

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