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Any advice from ex-patriots?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) May 6th, 2009

I’m seriously considering leaving the US to live in Europe within the next few years. For any Fluther ex-pats, how did you end up living outside of the country? Was it a job? If it wasn’t, did you decide where to go then find a job? How did you decide where to go?

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Before the right-wingers jump on you, don’t you mean “expatriates”? :>)

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@crisw of course that’s what I meant! It was a test to find out who would notice first – you won! LURVE!! Ok, I didn’t do it on purpose – just a bit of ignorance I guess.

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I can’t speak for myself, although I’d love to live in Europe, how exciting! My friend moved to London from the states. She had a job lined up first, so I think that made it easier. I think language was a major factor in where to go.

My sister-in-law and husband moved to Italy a year ago as missionaries. It has been quite an experience because they have had to learn the language, but they are getting really good at it, so if you have the desire I think you can pick up a language, but you will have to give yourself time for it.

I would think about climate and culture in making a decision. Do you have any ideas of places you might consider?

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My ex-sister-in-law (could there be more hyphens?) went to Ireland on a study abroad thingy, and loved it so much she moved there after she finished school. Unfortunately, they have very strict laws about which jobs foreigners are allowed to have. She had planned on being a teacher, and ended up a barmaid. Fortunately, she met her future husband at the bar (a chef there), and they moved back to the states, where they could both get good jobs. They are now married and living happily here, though they visit Ireland often.

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History tells of people leaving europe to come live here. Thousands of forigners want to come live here in the US of A. Why would anyone be so eager to go live somewhere else? God Bless the USA!

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Cool. I would be easiest to go to London, of course. Easy to get a job there as well, at least it used to be. I don’t think you will ever regret the experience, and you can always move back home at any time.

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@justwannaknow Have you ever been outside of the US? I usedto think the US was all that until I visited Spain in high school, it totally opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much more out there and that different can be better. I’m still proud to live in my country, but I no longer think it is the only way to live.

Who wouldn’t like a siesta???

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I don’t understand how any advice from someone like Andre Tippett or Bruce Armstrong would be of any value.

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@AstroChuck, I am guessing these are former members of the New England Patriots football team. Am I close? I may not be able to spell, but when it comes to goofy jokes there are no flies on me! Unless of course the Patriots are a basketball team.

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Yes, it is. The home of Tom Brady

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Yes, I have been all over the world. There are places that are nice to visit but I will not give up MY country to live any where else!

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I did it twice for my job. 5 years and 4 years in Japan and loved the experience. I traveled and worked in Asia and Europe and got to see the world through different eyes. Given all the possibilities, and all the places I could live, I still came back to the USA.
There are several groups that specialize in overseas assignments. You can search for them yourself or PM me if you need advice.

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