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What happens to sea life when coral reefs die?

Asked by Liztarsh (31points) May 6th, 2009

what happens to the poor creatures

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They die.

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They find themselves suddenly homeless.

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And then they die.

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This is NO laughing matter!!!

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Its very sad…especially when the coral reef is destroyed by humans. Poor creatures.

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why is it always the poor?

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@Ivan, you took the words right out of my mouth.
What happens in any food-web or ecosystem when a link or food source or habitat or predator is taken out? Things start to fall apart and lots of other creatures die.

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Coral reefs are infinitely important. Not only does sea life die, but it causes huge problems on humans as well (which, I truly care less about) because the majority of our oxygen comes from the ocean’s plants.

There was a company that was researching how to re-fertilze ocean forests with iron, but it seems to have gone poorly.

Save our oceans! Death to humans! =p

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@Urban: I hear you!

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