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Is there an omen or sign related to seeing turtles?

Asked by essieness (7693points) May 6th, 2009

I have seen quite a few turtles in the past few weeks. Way more than usual. Even today, my little brother found one in the yard and brought it inside to show us. A huge one.

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Where do you live?

Turtles are a very good omen according to this site

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@Dog I live in Texas. Not necessarily near any lakes either. The turtles I’ve seen have been far from water.

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Land tortoises I assume?

I would consider it a very good thing. Turtles mean longevity and wisdom.
Rats- now that would be a very bad thing.

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@Dog I read that page you posted and the description of the omen is very fitting for some things I have going on in my life right now. Particularly pertaining to the guy I’m dating now. Several of the turtle sightings have been when we’re together.

I love stuff like this!

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Only if they wear masks and demand Pizza

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Now I want to see a turtle. :(

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I like turtles

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Turtles are very common around here from May through September. In June, they will go in search of mates, and many are killed crossing highways. Around the end of June, the females will find a place to lay their eggs, and come late August, the eggs will hatch and there will be little turtles everywhere in swamps and ponds. Of course, this is the mating cycle of the ordinary Snapping Turtle, the habits of other turtles will vary with the time of year and the temperatures.

I have always found turtles quite fascinating creatures, and they taste pretty good too, if cooked up properly.

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