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Do you have any advice when it comes to buying a GPS?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) May 6th, 2009

What brands should I be looking for and what features should I make sure it has?

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Garmin! I couldn’t be happier with mine.

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That’s the same line I have. It has all the features I could ask for…directions, local business search, etc.

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Wthout a doubt, Garmin is the best.

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Brand – Garmin nuvi, no question. And the specific model depends on the features you want. For example, I knew I wanted wide screen (4.3 inch as opposed to 3.5 inch) and text to speech (as in they actually read out the directions instead of just writing it and also read out lanes instead of just “turn left/right”. Also, I knew I didn’t care about music/dvd/radio/bluetooth etc features. I bought Garmin nuvi 255W which is an amazing GPS that I love to death! I bought this one because it is one of the newer models with a faster processing speed so when you make the wrong turn, it recalculates faster and in general it keeps up with your pace better.

I can’t take the credit for all this knowledge though. Andrew is like GPS God. He has a lot of experience with using and buying different ones and basically told me what to buy once I told him the features I wanted. Step one, though, is definitely identifying your required features. Also, what’s your budget?

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We also have a Garmin Nuvi. Being able to update via your computer is very, very handy.

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What do you want to do with it? Are you going hiking or are you looking for a navigation device?

I have a Garmin GPSmap76CSx for hiking and fishing geocaching etc.
I have a TomTom 720 for navigation.

Big differences in what each does.

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Garmin is the way to go by far. They are clearly the front runners in GPS tech. Pay a few extra bucks if you have to because it is worth it. GPS is not an area to be too frugal with.

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I will find the one with the best speaking voice.

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