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How can you give water to those who have no fresh water?

Asked by Ricky (53points) May 6th, 2009


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Can you elaborate? You mean like in other areas of the world?

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Either, if there are those in need here then here also. Mostly in other areas of the world though.

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A way without giving money to an organization. A way that you can send bottles directly to an organization or to those in need?

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@Ricky You could identify the organizations that are in need and buy the water at retail and pay for your own shipping, but why? That is the most expensive way to provide it to those who need it. Let’s say you could afford to send 10 gallons of water to someone, which would be about two days supply. With the same money, a charity could send a months supply. The organizations buy their water wholesale, and get huge discounts on shipping when necessary.

Personally, I carry a case of bottled water in my car and hand it out to people who are begging in the streets, so that’s how I do it.

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That is a very good way of doing it. It is only me because I have hard time trusting people with money and if it is being used for the right things.

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Unless you are going to travel over there and give them the water yourself, you have to trust someone at some point. People who work for charity organizations devote their lives to helping others. Have a little respect for them.

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I agree completely. It needs to be easier to help others that live so far from what you call home. Many have lost faith in charity organizations. There is only one way to truly believe or not believe and that is to find it in yourself. Thank you everyone.

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By giving them the tools to get it themselves.

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Dig a well. My church does this.

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