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If you called your home telephone number of say 10 or 20 years ago or childhood, who would answer?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) May 6th, 2009

i remember one of my high school girlfriend’s telephone numbers to this day. that was almost 30 years ago. turns out her number is now the number of my kids’ school.

what the hell?

if you called your telephone number from back in the day when you were growing up at home, who answers now? mom or dad still? disconnected? a business? what business? a church? a homeless shelter?

if you remember it, call it right now and share the results!

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My parents. Life does not change much in their world.

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My mother would probably answer. Maybe my dad.

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My Dad. He still has the same (our families) number.

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it’s amazing how numbers manage to stay the same as well as so many new telephone numbers are issued what with cell phone age and all.

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My mother. She has had the same number for 53 years.

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@charliecompany34, I was just thinking the same thing! I expected more people to have answers like yours. If I called the phone number from my childhood, my little sister, her husband, or one of her kids would answer.

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My older sister she just moved into my childhood home

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you know what i’m saying???

i mean, if you’ve been away from home since childhood, things change and so do the numbers. if i call my old number when i was 12 years old, it just rings and rings—no answer. scary.

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Nobody! We changed area codes waaay back, and the familial manse is now a McDonalds. “You can’t go home, but at least you can shop there.” name that quote, get a balloon animal.

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Are you kidding? I doubt that phone numbers even exist from a half century ago. I lived in so many houses when I was a child that I don’t remember the phone number of any of them, except the very first one. When I was three or four, I picked up the phone and said “I want to speak to Gramma” and the operator connected me. I really doubt that would work now.

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I would get the house I am currently typing from and either one of my parents might answer. :)

But if my mom were to dial her childhood home, she would get some new owners who would be strangers. Her mom is dead and her dad just recently sold the house and lives in a condo now.

If my dad were to call his childhood home, he would get his parents. They’re still there and alive and well. After all these years.

Edit: If I called my Las Vegas house, I would get my cousins. Weird. I know. We sold it to them.

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@YARNLADY i still remember my home phone numbers from childhood. even my grandmother’s number from when i was like 8 or 9. would calling it right now be an afterlife contact with grandma? hmmmmmmmm…

trying it right now…

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Grosse Pointe Blank
where do i pick up my gift?

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the result: wrong number. a young woman answered. she was quite polite as she spoke. wow, grandma, what a nice voice you have…

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@charliecompany34 I have already sent my Mom a mothers day card to her in

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My folks have had their number for as long as I can remember.

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wow, old telephone numbers don’t die off after all. keep in touch!

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Ten years ago I lived in a different city. I don’t know who owns the house now so strangers would answer the phone.
I wonder if my name is still carved into the stucco at the bottom right corner of the left side of the house.

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The house that I lived in as a teen is now a condo development. I doubt the phone number would be valid. It was quite a shock when I used the google map satellite view.

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Some Spanish family. Before that, some Korean family. That’s just the last house I lived in before moving states, and I think it was the first one I had really memorized, we moved in when I was eight. Before that all I knew was my mom’s beeper number.

Christ, beepers. I saw someone with a beeper last week…they didn’t own a cell phone…they had a normal job and no need to be paged. It was a really weird day.

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My mom. She still lives in the house I grew up in and still has the same phone number. It’s funny cuz I’ve had very old friends find me through my mom because they either remembered the phone number or stopped by my childhood home. I’m glad my mom is still there, it’s a wonderful link to my childhood.

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I just called my old number from when I was a kid and kid with the exact same voice as I had before puberty answered. I got scared and hung up. Damn, do you think it was really me in the past that I called? :::insert twilight zone music here:::

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Probably some college student. Our area code changed sometime between 10 and 20 years ago, but my parents had the same 7 digit number until last year. They gave it up to use cell phones exclusively. I couldn’t believe they let that number go! Some numbers are just good numbers, you know what I mean?

I still remember the number my grandparents had when I was in first grade and the number of my house from back then. I have no idea why.

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Kal- nice. I’m blowing up a giraffe for you.

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My mother. Even though the area code has changed, they’ve had the same number since the first phone was invented. It’s just that now she redirects all calls to her mobile most of the day. Their business number is also the same, even though they moved to a new building in the early 80s (but kept the same number).

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My mom would probably answer it…they’ve primarily used cell phones for years tho, so when their home phone does ring, sometimes, they can’t find it.

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@knitfroggy that sounds so familiar. The inlaws are just like that. They call the home phone the “real phone”.

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@YARNLADY when my folks moved to town a couple years ago they thought of not transferring their number, but they decided to go ahead and keep it…I don’t know what I’d do if my folks didn’t have that home number…just nostalgia, I guess…it’s been their/my number since I was about five!

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My auntie or uncle. It was my mum’s dad’s mum’s house, and when she died my mum’s sister somehow either got it in the will or bought it off whoever did, but she and her husband were traveling so we rented it from them. When they came back, we moved out, and they moved in, renovated the house but of course kept the same landline number.

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My parents, or my little sister…

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My mom would have answered. We now live in their house & it’s the same phone number that’s been here since the dial telephones were put in MANY years ago.

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My mum, she has had that number now for about 14 years!

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OK had to try this. My old home number that the parents had 38 years is now part of a call center.

By BF from first grade thru college (graduated in 1979) her mom answered!!!! I actually thought she had died a few years ago. Had a fun reunion.
Glad I read this message!

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Does anyone remember the alphabetical extensions like
Axminster 4–5555?

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YES my mom’s phone had MA1–2510 said as Main.
There was Cherry etc. That’s something this generation doesn’t even know about!

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