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What does second chance offer mean when you sell something on eBay?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) December 17th, 2007


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lets say you were auctioning something on eBay and the winning bidder does not pay for whatever reason. As a seller you can give the other bidders (who did not not win) a second chance to buy the product at a certain price. Its like sending a Buy It Now Offer to a second highest bidder. You can send it within 60 days after the auction ends. The person you send it to is not legally obliged to accept your offer and can always say no.

For more info, visit ebay help

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It means that although you didn’t win the auction, the seller is offering it to you at the bid price—but you’re under no obligation to buy it. I would be wary of second-change offers, because sometimes, it might mean that the seller manipulated the bids by becoming the top bidder in order to squeeze out the highest offer, which naturally would be the second-highest bidder.

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