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Name a few things that people (whom you just met) don't know about you?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 7th, 2009

- I’m a hard worker
– once I have something to accomplish, I’ll do all that i can to finish it
– have a kind heart (get that a lot)
– can bring the funny
– am free spirited
– don’t like to be restricted
– am creative
– I tend to see beauty in unexpected places
– pretty intuitive
– can see through any crap (phoniness, lies) that they throw my way
– I won’t put up “wit yo drama”.
– am easy to talk to
– oh, and there are about 3 or 4 days each month that you had better.stay.clear (just sayin’)

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Just a couple of things occurred to me, although I am sure there are a lot more.

Most people don’t know my mother died when I was a child, and that at 23, I’ve been living without a mother for the last 12 years. I tend not to tell new people, even if mothers are brought up in the conversation, not because I’m uncomfortable with it, but because I think it makes other people uncomfortable. You’d be amazed at the amount of times I’ve nodded along when people have talked about “parents” (plural) or said something about my mum. It comes up a lot, and I don’t like to correct people or make an issue of it.

Also, most people I meet now don’t know I used to be fat.

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• my native language is spanish
• I am deathly afraid of walking into a room full of people

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I’m adopated.
I can’t do public speaking.
I’m scared of the dark.
I used to be a state wrestler when I was younger :)
I used to be a model for 5 years.

Those topics don’t come up in a “Hi, My name is kayla, whats up” convo. haha.

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- I have many pet bearded dragons
– I speak Japanese
– While I give the appearance of being serious a lot of the time, I do enjoy having some good old fun.

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-I sleep with the lights on because Im afraid of ghost..

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@dynamicduo Honto ni?! Boku mo. Dakkedo, himitsu ja nai yo!

- I really like my job but nobody understands what I really do.
– I lived in a big city and enjoyed it (but not as much as living in the country.
– I can shoot a mosquito out of the air with a #16 rubberband more than half the time.
– From a dead hang, I can pull myself up and over a chinning bar. Hey, you never know…

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- I love getting the mobs attention
– I practice music, linguistics, gymnastics, and martial arts all at the same time on a regular basis
– I love ferrets
– I act like I have no brains, but watch out! I am always listening/learning ; )

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used to be a druggie.
used to have dreadlocks.
used to be a raver.
used to have my septum pierced twice with a 10 gage ring.
I got a tribal-abstract tattoo self projected on my back .
I used to be a Roman Catholic, An Agnostic, An Atheist.
Now I’m a Bible believing Christian and I feel sincerely free after sincerely repenting of all rebellion towards God.

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… Oh yeah my native lingo is polish, I also know english obviously and Italian , since I used to live in Italy 3 years before coming to US of A. :)

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I had a brother
I was born in Azerbaijan
I am good at Argentine Tango
I don’t identify as a woman

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I am a tattoo snob
I’m easily embarrassed
I’m afraid I will never have another baby
I really really baby my dog, Only one of them though.
I collect Barbie, Dal, and Pullip dolls.
I used to be thinner and I feel gross now.
I can’t take compliments from people I actually care about.
I’m kind of a geek sometimes :)

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I have a lot of OCD tendencies
I don’t really like most people, but I smile and act like I do
I have a pretty messy house
I love my two cats like they are my other two kids

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I was a photographer for my high school yearbook.
I was first chair alto saxophone in band.
I’m terribly shy but very likable.
I love to fish.
I hate parties. I’d rather hang with a small group of friends.
I really want to hike the Lake Superior Trail someday.
I lived in 6 different cities and 4 states by the age of 6.

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My physical apperance does not match up to the rest of me! People see me and judge me instantly – it makes me uncomfortable – and angry.
I can be shy, i dont watch tv, only devour books, i work in IT only for the money, im artistic and creative but completly tone deaf, i havent had a boyfriend in 5 years cause im scared of commitment and intimacy, i have a second job in a video store, i can fly planes, but dont have my license just yet, wont wear high heels because i tower above everyone, got expelled from 2 schools, am functional product of a dysfunctional marriage, i havent spoken to or seen my father in a few years but he works in the building next to me… Oh and last but not least – i pretend to be modest, but the forementioned seems to prove that false!

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Zombies ate my dog
Zombies ate my cat
Zombies ate my bird
But Zombies just cant seem to get a taste of me

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-my tiny white ass used to be able to dunk with two hands before I blew out my knee and I could do it with authority damn it!
-I play more instraments than anyone with a healthy social life should(guitar, bass, violin, harminica, piano, mandolin, trumpet)
-I’ve been declared legally dead twice, in the same week.
-my eyes change colours dramatically each season, going from a real jade green to what people describe as “blonde” to brown.
-I’ve lived in three different states in the past year and a half, and it’ll be a fourth soon.
-I’m the biggest momma’s boy you’ll ever meet, I love her to death.
-three years ago my neighbor offered to pick me up a lottery ticket when he went to the store, I declined… he won 26 million dollars that day…
-I met david hasslehoff once… at a beach, no less.

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- I had 3 dads (two stepdads, both of whom adopted me) by the time I was 5.
– I was married once before.
– I am extremely smart, but try to be average because it has always made me uncomfortable to stand out.
– I regret dumbing myself down.
– I am 8 years older than my husband.
– I enjoy it when people do things to me that involve touching – getting my hair done, makeup done, having body hair waxed, pedicures, manicures.
– I am very weird about food.
– I love board and card games.
– I desperately wish I had a very close best friend.

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-I am neither substantially mixed nor an immigrant
-I’ve been around kids in special education programs my whole life
-I’m a nerd, but not the programming kind
-I don’t have a niche

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Although I appear confident I have self esteem issues
I am totally afraid of dying
I love refreshers!

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a. we could do it right now.
b. it’s hard for me to say no.
c. i collected urine in the 90s to be tested for drugs.
d. i like fresh-cut flowers in the kitchen.
e. i like patty melts without the meat.

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-I attempt to appear at your intelligence level if I am smarter than you, because I would rather appear dumb than a know-it-all.
-I’m diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, but it doesn’t negatively influence my life.
-If you mention a time that you’ve been cruel to an animal or made fun of a less-fortunate person, I have zero respect for you.
-I am not afraid of confrontation whatsoever, and will take up for myself, my friends, and that guy that I’ve never seen before across the room in a heartbeat if you are disrespectful.
-I am guessing what kind of person you really are in my head, because I believe nobody really presents their true self when meeting someone new, but rather the person they wish people thought they were.
-I am socially awkward in the sense that many times I come across bitchy, bossy, or controlling and I really am not trying to be. I have a hard time saying things in a nice way, even when I mean them nicely.

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@BBSDTfamily in some ways you and I are a lot alike

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The list is long because people who know me don’t really know me.No I’m not on the run. I just keep most of me to myself.My ex of 20 years never knew me because she only cared about her.Women I’ve dated tell me I’m hard to figure out.There has only been one women that knows more about me then anyone and she was the love of my life for most of our lives. So as you can see while I have let out a few things about me you still know little.

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