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What sites would you include in a "Useful Websites" directory?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12593points) May 7th, 2009

I am composing a useful websites directory for the Residents of the building I work in. We have a small computer lab. I am including things like local resources, local events, research websites, education websites, nutritional websites, recipe websites, social networking sites, etc… (pretty much anything useful). What sites would you include? Do you have sites you use often and find to be quite useful?


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Uh, Fluther. For one. :P

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@asmonet Was first on my list, lol

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Since Fluther is a given….... (Must-Bookmark for anyone) (Translate anything)

Oh yeah – a couple more for the counter-culture:

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I see you are looking for a lot of local stuff.

Since you are looking for local resources, you can use google to pull up an entire directory. You can personally pick and choose what sites you want.

I live in Huntsville, Alabama, and these are the resources for that city:

Arts and Entertainment (31)
Business and Economy (154)
Education (23)
Government (9)
Guides and Directories (3)
Health (27)
News and Media (17)
Real Estate (36)
Recreation and Sports (17)
Science and Environment (4)
Shopping (12)
Society and Culture (72)
Transportation (1)
Travel and Tourism (18)
Weather (4)

In order to find your local area [google directory can be daunting], back up to United States, choose your State, then Localities, then the first letter of your City, and then your City. voila!

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sup batmaaaaaaan

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@gambitking totse is no more :(
its been down for a couple months now. Add to the list though :P

sup squirbeeeeel

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I have more to post for this question… will do soon.

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I have a lot of cook books, but I still go to quite a bit.

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@jbfletcherfan My all time fave recipe site :)

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Great Sites Everyone. This is A Huge Help.

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You local community page.

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