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Has anyone seen Uncrate's "Answers" site - what do you think?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20272points) May 7th, 2009

is it going to compete with Fluther in any way?

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Since they automatically ban half the population I strongly doubt they will ever compete with Fluther.

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It’s very manly.

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I like how every question ends up with a link to a product.

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It’s really… man-focused. But I like the idea behind this rule:

6. Focus on what you know.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to knowledge, so try to help out in areas you’re familiar with. If you’re a car mechanic, answering automotive questions will be more helpful than trying to recommend a violin — unless, of course, you moonlight with the local philharmonic. We’re not saying you can’t try to help out on topics with which you’re less familiar, we’re just asking that you use your expertise to boost discussions in which you are a veritable expert. If you were going on TV, would you rather be asked questions about your profession, or about the correct way to cook ox tail? Thought so.

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Why do all the questions look like spam? lol

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I absolutely hate the way it’s structured, the product links, the focus.


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@squirbel – I like that rule, too.

The site, meh.

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@asmonet- Lovely avatar- Is it your handiwork?

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The near identical structure of the questions read like they’re being pitched by the product companies themselves. Reads like Men’s Health magazine but in question mode. I like Men’s Health Magazine but thought they already had a website

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It looks like Playboy for the Web, except without the naked girls. Although that can’t be long in coming.

Such boring questions. It’s totally different from fluther. If you’re a frat boy, you might like it.

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Certainly not anything I’d be interested in. I’ll stay here.

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@Dog: Yes! It was my art final this semester, but it isn’t the finished version, this is.


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yeah, i agree with what most said – it’s basically spam/product placement. I just thought it was quite odd that they came up with a QnA part of their site.

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hehe REAL MEN. As opposed to all the fake men floating around these days.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Haha, ‘real men’...hahahah
it’s hilarious
i won’t be visiting it

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

Ah… more “manswers”.
The ads turn me off. I don’t need for Gillette or Axe to tell me I’m less of a man for not using their product.

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I like it.

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@andrew Boo. Bad founder.

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I kind of like it.

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Weird. Not into it. Too macho…

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