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Should a guy trim his body hair?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) May 7th, 2009

question for ladies: should a guy trim his body hair, such as his legs (hip to toe)? how much hair seems best?

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I like my guy being au natural. Shaved seems too metro for my taste.

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Legs NO!! Unless you have an ungodly amount of hair on them then maybe you can trim a little. Pubic hair please men trim it make it nice. I do it for you. You do it for ME!!

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Back should be waxed if he’s hairy, and no curls over the collar of his shirt for sure.
Also: Ears, nose, and crazy screaming eyebrows!! NO UNIBROWS PLEASE!

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And what ^She^ said

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I agree with sjmc1989 about trimming (not shaving) the pubic hair and leaving the rest alone. If a man takes the time to do that and keep clean and neat, it’s a total turn on, for me at least.

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I think it depends. If you’re really hairy then yes, get rid of some of the hair. If you’re normal then don’t mess with it. Guys who are too clean can come off as metrosexual and I personally am not attracted to that.

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what you constitute as hairy? haha. no shaving

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@Unit134679 Think Gorilla :)

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Well if you have too much hair on your chest and back and its just hanging out of your shirt around the collar.. I would say thats pretty hairy.

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Both @sjmc1989‘s and @Judi‘s first comments are closest to my preferences.

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@kheredia im talking about leg hair

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If no one can’t see your leg for all the hair, then by all means, yes, I’d want you to do something! But that’s merely a preference. Some women may be turned on by really hairy legs. You never know.

Are you happy with it? And if you are, but your gf likes it otherwise, is a woman not liking your body hair a dealbreaker for you? Are you willing to deal with it to keep her? Is she willing to let you stay the way you are to keep you? So many questions

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Men are allowed to shave their legs if they are avid bicyclists, so if your legs are to hairy, start pedaling to keep your manhood.

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I don’t think anyone I’m interested should do anything to themselves that they don’t want to – shaved or not shaved, men, women or otherwise gendered people, I won’t think any less of them for keeping their body natural

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I don’t trim my body hair; if someone has a problem with that, he or she is someone that is probably better off dating someone else.

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what about ass hair? i mean my from pubs to toes im very hairy but no gorilla

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A guy doesn’t have to do anything, but it’d be nice if he was a super hairy guy that he kept his hairiness in check.

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I know this is a girl question, but as a guy i just have to say, back/chest hair=ew.

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And as a guy I just have to say, extensive effort into removing hair is much, much more ew than natural hair, no matter where it is.

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@cwilbur how much effort does it possibly take?

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I don’t care either way, if a guy wants to trim, I’m cool with that, and if he doesn’t, I’m cool with that too. The only thing I dislike is chest hair emerging from the collar of a shirt.

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Wicked eyebrows, ear hair, and as @Judi mentioned, super hairy backs all must be cleaned up. Now, I am going to go there: I like a man to trim his pubic hair.

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I don’t mind hair on the legs.. its the chest and back that I have a problem with.

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I like a little chest hair. Guys with a small amount should keep it. If you look like you’re wearing a fur shirt when you’re naked, then take it off. Pit hair, arm hair, and leg hair should be left alone. Eyebrows should be slightly groomed if they’re naturally really bushy. But not so much that it looks like you get your brows waxed- that’s unattractive. Ear and nose hair should be removed. Pubes should be groomed, but not completely gone. Just enough to look neat.

And those are Likeradar’s guidelines for mankind. :)

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Keep the pubes trimmed nicely (not shaven, just not unmanaged) and tame any huge unibrow if you have one, the rest of the hair doesn’t matter one bit.

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Gosh no! Natural and manly is the better. I just tend to laugh and feel awkward if a guy shaves or waxes – it means that they care more about apperance than i do! (in having said that, im not a wilderbeast, i do my womanly maintenance)
Its really not important – its a small part of the overall image, and thats not something – i am assuming – of how you ultimatly would want to project yourself onto the oppsite sex?
Then again, in having said both of the above, everyone is different and some things are more important to others – i just brush this one off as being superficial.

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NOTE: If you resemble a wombat in any way shape or form – take yourself to the laser clinic. :)

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Tame the bush. For the love of God.

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Trimming is a constant with me. I keep my nose ,ears ,eyebrows trimmed and shave daily.I have a lot of body hair . I lift weights and keep my chest hair trimmed shorter to show more detail. I have my back shaved so I can take my shirt off without scaring children away at the beach. And I also shave my pubic area. Cuz I like it.I hate when I see guys with rabbit tails sticking out of their nose and ears. Or the hairy guy that has a fur collar sticking out of his shirt.And girls you just keep shaving all you can

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@uberbatman: It can take quite a bit. I know guys who get waxed monthly, and I just find that expense and that pain ludicrous. Anyone who expects me to do that is just not the person for me.

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@cwilbur I hope you have the same standards for a woman too!

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@Likeradar: I am unlikely to date a woman, and I’d much rather a woman spent her time on things she enjoys than on making herself conform to other people’s beauty standards.

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@cwilbur – Mucho lurve! You just put into words my whole feeling about the issue (women, beauty standards, excessive time primping & making up). (”and I’d much rather a woman spent her time on things she enjoys than on making herself conform to other people’s beauty standards.”)

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I’m not a big fan of body hair. Guys should trim at least.

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You’re asking a group of women a question and expecting an answer? Come on. Every answer here is different.

Here’s the basic answer. The older woman, the more likely she is to be ok or down with body hair. I say likely because women are all over the place on everything. Older women grew up in a time when people were hair and didn’t do much about it. There was no lasers, neat and bodybuilding was new. They didn’t see pictures of guys with no hair at the time when their brains were forming pathways related to sexuality. They saw guys with hair, so they are ok with it.

Younger women have grown up with the bodybuilder/hairless type. That’s what they see. They’re sexually active earlier than their mothers ever were and thus are more prone to be with a guy who hasn’t developed a lot of body hair at that point.

In the end, some women will hate it and some will love it. If you’re overly hair, dealing with it isn’t a bad idea. Backs, unibrows, nose/ear hair and downstairs are always ok to deal with. Beyond that, do what you want. If it’s an issue in your dating life, I’m sure you’ll pick up on it.

In the future, don’t ask such a question to women. You’ll get a different answer from each one. :)

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