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Will you tell me why your partner is inspiring?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38942points) May 7th, 2009

if they’re not, why are you with them?

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Because he is always doing something. Left to my own devices I would be a big FAT couch potato. He is always on the move, always has a project, a plan or an adventure. Life is never boring and his favorite part of the adventure is having me with him. It’s nice to be adored.

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@judi what was his latest project?

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Right now he’s working on the airplane he built 10 years ago. Time to upgrade. We just finished renovating a house, and He’s itching to move on to the next one.

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My husband is most inspiring because he is a good human being. He is one of the few people I know who is always honorable, walks his talk, and inspires others to do the same. I also love his great big brain. We can talk philosophy for hours on end. He expands the contours of my own mind, and I really appreciate that about him.

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Truthful and brave.

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My husband is inspiring because of how far he’s come in life, and never once, has he lost himself. The day my husband turned 17, his father told they were moving to Florida, by they…he meant everyone except for my husband. He told him to stay and finish school. Problem is, he left him nothing – except $30. No family, few friends, he slept in his car (his only valuable possession) and he finished school. He worked two jobs and put himself through Vo-Tech school and became a mechanic.

That was a little 20 something years ago. My husband is a father to my daughter and we have one son, together. He owns a side business and works his regular job. He is a wonderful father, husband and friend. This man could have given up. He could have started begging or stealing, but he managed. He stuck it out and made something of himself. The entire time, he remained a person that is down-to-earth and if someone was in need, he would give up what he had to help others. As a father, he is kind, patient and loving, warm and sincere – most important, he’s fair.

He didn’t take the easy way out, he worked for everything he has. He inspires me, daily.

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My guy has inspired me to be a nicer person. I watched him walk through a crowd once, and I saw how he held doors open, smiled at people, and looked approachable. He walks through life being a genuinely nice person, and it’s a reminder to me to try to be the same way.

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Nearly thirty years ago when I delivered twins three months early my husband and I were devastated. The prognosis was grim and neonatal medicine was in it’s infancy.
One evening I was in an especially bad mood after coming home from visiting our babies. I was hurting emotionally and just needed to lash out at someone. I’m generally a pasive non violent person so when I told my husband in frustration, “I just want to hit someone!” he stepped up to me, braced himself and responded, “take your best shot!”
That he would try to help me endure my pain when he was also struggling with his emotions was inspiring.

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All of these answers are inspiring to me. :)

@Simone_De_Beauvoir How about your partner?

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I dont have a partner – but if i did, it would be because he loved me! I would have to live up to those expectations ;)

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@augustlan – the list would be really long if i wrote out all the reasons – but most of all he’s inspiring because he’s an incredibly responsible person that always follows through on what he says he’d do and has always been someone that has been incredibly supportive of myself and my son, and now he’s an incredible parent to our son…he’s got a great sense of practicality and an understanding of multiple angles in every situation…he can build anything, he can fix anything, he can get me through anything and it’s very tough sometimes with my mental shit but he’s never once wavered…

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir He sounds lovely. :)

As an aside, I wonder why only women answered this question. Are we just not that inspiring? Hmph.

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The way he helps others with their issues. It’s as if he’s been there before in their shoes. Most of the time he hasn’t though.

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Because he ploughs his own furrow. If something feels right for him, he genuinely doesn’t mind what anybody else thinks.

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@augustlan well I don’t know, actually

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I didnt like it in the begining, but in the end I realized that he saved my life.. if it wasnt for him pushing me so hard to make the right choices and be more independent I dont know what I would be doing right now. I always told him that I hated the way he pushed me so hard, it made me feel like I was dealing with my parents all over again, but I love that he cares enough to push me to do the right thing.. he never gives me the answer, but he gives me that little nudge I need to get everything together.. and I love him for that.

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